We're ramping up our real estate coverage

We're improving our presentation of the local real estate transactions. For a while, we've been publishing them several months late and almost all Albemarle. But now real estate reporter Samantha Masone has taken charge of this department with a zestier– and more current– array of transactions.

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I vote for you including the assessed values along with the sales. Most recordings in Alb. & C-ville have them on the cover page. There are some (such as going to a trust or coming from a trust ) that don't have them.

I second Sam's motion. All of us who own our homes are both taxpayers and real estate investors. As such, we need current, unfiltered information regarding the market value of what we hold and the fairness (or not) of our assessments. Occasional spurts of statistics accompanied by commentary from realtors is not enough.

There is already a publication called Real Estate Weekly, guess you need some more filler.