Whole Foods goes affordable (for a day anyway)

For passerbys on Sunday morning, it may have appeared as if Whole Foods had been taken over by a mob of Toyota Prius owners armed with reusable shopping bags.

With a new and highly-anticipated store opening this Tuesday in the K-Mart shopping center on Hydraulic Road, Whole Foods offered a Black Friday-style sale on the morning  of June 5 with 50 percent off everything in the entire store (except booze) in order to clear the shelves before moving day.

Soccer-moms and bargain-shoppers came out in droves for the 8am opening at Shoppers World shopping center on U.S. 29, with some eager patrons lining up as early as 6am in order to get first dibs at the place whose prices sometimes get it called "Whole Paycheck."

Some shelves were cleared within minutes of the opening, and the lines to check out (even the lines just to get in the building) remained ample for hours.

No fights or injuries reported by press time.

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Wow! Remarkable image! I love it.

Lots of folk lined up on a Sunday morning. Charlottesville not a big church town I see. You Heathens!!

WOW !!!! 1/2 off .The people in line finally paid what WHOLE FOOD 's stuff is really worth.Cant wait for Aldi's to kick there Butt with the same quality and the "correct" prices. Did I mention that Aldis people wont think that they're doing you a favor taking your money .Not like the snooty WF help.
i make you laugh Church town?! Christs ?! Its and auto and fashion show in this Holier Than Thou Town!!!!


Apparently your name is accurate, as it seems you've never actually *been* into the local Whole Foods and therefore really don't know anything. WF's help is anything but snooty. Let's see, off the top of my head I've seen:

- A white girl with dreads
- A girl with self inflicted cutting wounds up and down her arm. She didn't work there for too long.
- A guy with very large "ear gauges" in his ears wearing one of those crocheted beret things on his head. If you don't know what ear gauges are, it's a form of self mutiliation where people proceed to stretch their ear piercings to like, an inch in diameter.
- A girl who treats her check out lane like a stand up comedy routine. Her position at the register is like her being on stage, and she playfully heckles her guests and cracks jokes about everything.
- A girl with half her hair shaved off, and the other side worn long, in a punk-ish sort of way
- A variety of hippie-ish staff with long hair, beards, and hippy clothes
- A girl with blue hair

etc. etc.

Whole Foods is known for their.....ecclectic staff of quirky misfits. They're anything but "snooty," acting like you're doing them some sort of favor of paying. They're just people who need a job, like anybody else. They're not pretentious, and they don't put on airs, even the so-called normal ones. So really, no need to take your sour Charlottesville attitude out on them. Even worse, when your assessment is so far off the mark as to indicate you've never actually even gone into the local Whole Foods here in Charlottesville.


Just because you dress funny or have weird hair doesn't mean you can't be snooty and condescending.


You must have missed the part where I wrote:

"They're just people who need a job, like anybody else. They're not pretentious, and they don't put on airs, even the so-called normal ones."

I didn't make an exclusive connection between ecclectic appearances and non-snooty behavior. I said, their appearances tend to be anything but snooty......as well as their behavior.

I have endless anecdotal examples of non-snooty behavior from both ecclectic looking WF employees and the more mainstream looking ones, going back years, if you're interested. Anybody who would say that the Cville Whole Foods has snooty employees has obviously not spent any amount of time there.

Whole Foods employees are great. They're friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Shopping there does put a dent in your wallet though. I tend to go just for a few items that I can't find at the regular grocery stores like Teeter and Kroger. I'm happy that it's now closer, so I don't have to drive all the way up 29.

Sorry I didn't realize this was going on. I like to get their yogurt, and their eggs. They have a good price on those items already. It would have been nice to load up.

Hydraulic is too far to drive. They should've kept this one open too.

Why is Hydraulic too far to drive? If I can drive to it in a 8,000 pound SUV getting 8 miles per gallon, I am sure you can find a way there too.

This means it'll be Armageddon when Trader Joe's has its opening weekend. It'll be quicker/easier/safer just to drive to Short Pump, still...