Waste War II? Van der Linde Recycling boldly attacked

After fending off a former employee-turned-extortionist, a $20 million government-filed RICO lawsuit, and dozens of bogus complaints filed with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, recycling entrepreneur Peter Van der Linde thought the "waste war" was over. But a Memorial Day weekend attack has sabotaged his entire fleet of trucks and tractors– and taken that war to a new level.

"This wasn't a shot across the bow; they were trying to take us out," says Van der Linde, noting that not a single vehicle was left operable.

According to the silver-haired entrepreneur, who discovered the damage when he came to work on Monday morning, May 30, all 26 company vehicles on site had been disabled with holes gouged in radiators, gas tanks, and hydraulic lines.

"This was pretty hardcore," says Van der Linde, describing the attack as demonstrating "SWAT-like precision."

The spillage of fuel, hydraulic fluid, and anti-freeze was so severe that the Virginia DEQ really needed to be called this time– to oversee cleanup of the contaminated soil.

In addition to the tens of thousands of dollars he thinks will be spent for property clean-up and vehicle repair, Van der Linde– who says he's waiting for an exact estimate– notes that he plans to shell out even more money for a surveillance system to prevent future attacks.

Heading up the investigation, Lt. David Wells of the Fluvanna County Sheriff's Office says officials are working to develop leads and motives for the destruction but says it's too early to say who committed the crime– or why. But there are plenty of hints.

Since Van der Linde broke ground on his $11 million Materials Recovery Facility in Zion Crossroads in 2008, there have been multiple battles. First came anonymous complaints to the DEQ, complaints that one state agent called "extremely frustrating" because they were all unfounded, designed solely "to irritate Mr. Van der Linde."

The DEQ agent suspected that other players in the trash business were angry because Van der Linde's facility would divert waste from the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority as well as from large corporate haulers like Allied/Republic Services and Waste Management. None could be reached for comment by the time of this post.

Next came the RSWA's $20 million lawsuit. Led by executive director Tom Frederick and RSWA counsel Kurt Krueger, the suit was filed under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act and accused Van der Linde of deliberately defrauding the local trash authority by having his drivers lie about the origin of their trash.

Then there was the attempted extortion by the RSWA's main witness, former Van der Linde driver Richard Wade Kendrick, who was eventually convicted of trying to extort $90,000 from Van der Linde and sentenced to a year in jail. The RSWA eventually dropped the suit and settled out of court, with Van der Linde agreeing to pay $600,000 and the RSWA's corporate partner Allied/Republic agreeing to pay $300,000.

Meanwhile, Van der Linde's MRF, or Materials Recovery Facility, was quickly transforming the local trash business. Deemed the region's "cleanest" by the DEQ, Van der Linde's MRF has been a boon for plucky local haulers like Dixon and Time Disposal by allowing them to offer convenient combined trash/recycling, so-called "single-stream recycling."

Even the City of Charlottesville– once a quasi-party to the RICO lawsuit– has since contracted with Van der Linde. And a few days from now, UVA is expected to make a decision about breaking from years of corporate-hauling tradition and letting its waste go to the MRF.

Van der Linde says he's been scrambling to find replacement vehicles, but this assault is clearly a major blow.

"They tried to take us down," says Van der Linde, "and we did go down. But I think we're on the comeback trail."

Anyone with information on the crime is encouraged to contact the Fluvanna County Sheriff's Office at 434-589-8211 or the Jefferson Area Crimestoppers at 434-977-4000.

"I just wanted to recycle, thought it would be good for the environment," says Van der Linde, shaken by the war's escalation from courtroom to carnage. "But I guess this is what you get when you take food from a dog when he's still eating."

This story is a part of the Waste War: the fight over trash and recycling special.


I'm not that big of a fan of recycling, but holy crap! That's some serious damage by people who were NOT messing around. I hope they catch whoever did it.

We love taking our trash there, which we do ourselves, since trash trucks won't come down our road. I'm sure this was related to the other companies that have lost money since Van der Linde came into business. It's a shame, because single stream recycling provides a great service to our community. I hope he can get back up and running soon.

Not kids. Someone trying to send a message. This isn't North Jersey and it's hard to see one of the local trash haulers doing this, but former employees or someone with personal animus.
I don't use their services, preferring instead to dump my trash in places like Rio Mills Road, so I'm still fat, dumb, and happy even with them shut down.
I'm surprised they don't have cameras there, but they will now.

If you can't beat them, destoy them? Chicken shits. I hope whoever did this is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and then some. Mr. Van der Linde, I hope you can get through this and thanks for all you do.

what is wrong with society ,people are so stupid I hope they catch the person or persons involved maybe they should have there hands cut off .Ever since this hard working gentleman mr van der linde started this project alot of dumb people have tried to put him out of bussiness,I persoally think they have a great thing going on there they are a clean place and they are very friendly

re:"I'm not that big of a fan of recycling"

Ok. So, if you weren't a big fan of chocolate you'd note that before saying you thought such a crime, if perpetrated against a chocolate shop, was wrong?

I don't see what there ISN'T to be a fan of, frankly. With Van Der Linde, you throw your recyclables away and his single stream system filters them into proper receptacles to be recycled. Zero effort by the consumer, maximum payoff for the environment. I guess "Tim" would prefer that glass, plastic and paper be stored within the Earth instead of reused?

I'm sorry, but you'd have to be really, really dumb to not be a fan of recycling. That or really, really lazy.

For whatever reason, trash pickup is a business that seems to attract such hardcore tactics.... Not a coincidence that waste management was Tony Soprano's stated profession.

Meanwhile, people are forming their worldviews based on what they saw on t.v. shows....

People simply refuse to believe that Charlottesville and the surrounding counties are no longer the sleepy little peaceful communities they once were. Organized gangs are already here. Organized crime has moved in. JADE is one large joke in squashing the organized drug trade that's already set up shoppe here. It's not just something you see on TV shows like The Sapranos any longer. It's here. I wouldn't be surprised to see an organized hit put out on Van der Linde. The body will most likely never be found, and the murder will never be solved.

I agree with GSOE but don't think it will end up same way . Looks to be opening gambit for a buyout of the business (offer he can't refuse) so to speak . It is a good business which they want to be the owners .No point in getting in trouble over homecide which would also screw up the business transfer . Perhaps Mr Vander Der Linde family and he will make a decision to sell , get his money back out with the new friendly owners keeping him on to run it for awhile to permit social acceptance . My family are quite involved in this type of business ,very interesting characters one of them sued Christies for art rip offs and won ,he also had control of the world copper market for a short period and made hundreds of million of dollars over a weekend . He is Canadian, Herb Black from Montreal .

This has gotten out of hand! Ever since he opened the facility, people have been flocking to bring their trash there! He capitalized on an amazing idea, because WM/allied/BFI, etc didn't offer the advantage of not having to sort their trash. My trash goes to the Van Der Linde facility, and I can't tell you how convenient and easier it is than the previous situation of taking an entire pickup truck full every other week or more often to the recycling center.

It is certainly not hard to imagine that corporate greed could be behind this attack. Also, it's a shame that human garbage can't be recycled along with the trash....

Hey Hook Editor--since when is it appropriate to speculate about the imminent murder of a local person here? This is highly offensive and reprehensible; please remove it:

"I wouldn't be surprised to see an organized hit put out on Van der Linde. The body will most likely never be found, and the murder will never be solved."

Funny how, in a few short years, all the big corporate trash companies will stop putting our trash in landfills and build MRF's just like van der Linde's. Hope somebody crossed a state line to commit the crime and the FBI can give this case a little of their extra special love.


I hope there is a huge cash award offered for information about whoever did this. The community needs to get behind Mr. Van der Linde and help solve this reprehensible act.

Agreed. A $50,000 reward would work wonders in solving this crime.

But it's a shame people have to be paid in order for them to cooperate with law enforcement. On the other hand though, people also have no incentive to cooperate and help solve crimes. When citizens do help solve major cases, the police sit back and pat themselves on the back in the media. A prime example of this was when a victim recently provided the information needed to capture the local serial rapist who had been terrorizing this area for over 12 years. The police broke a few of their own arms patting each other on the back claiming what a good job they had done. The police hadn't even come close to an arrest for 12 years, and a little girl had to solve the case for them.

Biff, get over yourself.

One of my boldest speculations for the last decade is that a line of duty death in local law enforcement is long overdue. They're on borrowed time already in my opinion. Does saying this make it highly offensive and reprehensible? Or would it perhaps cause the local cop shoppes to be even more careful out there?

People lay down their lives for basic human rights one of them being Free Speech . When it is used others try to shut free speech down by claiming it to be offensive or some other technique commonly known as politically correctness . Biff Naked claims to be offended by someone using the M word and wants to curtail another's freedom of expression of something everyone is thinking .Well i find it offensive for someone to call themselves Biff .....LOL

Frank, Biff is a very confused individual if he thinks what I said is highly offensive and reprehensible.

But anyhow, along the lines of free speech, I cautioned a cop about something he had posted on his Facebook page the other day. I then had to listen to his spill about his serving the country in military service, his knowing and understanding the Constitution, and his right to freedom of speech on his Facebook page. More power to him if he thinks he can post anything he wants to on his Facebook page.

In other words, free speech isn't all it's cracked up to be. A cop in Washington state was recently fired for posting he has to work with a lot of immature cops on his Facebook page. The police chief claimed his comments undermined the integrity of the department. And the cop lost his appeal at getting his job back. This of course if just one example of freedom of speech gone wrong. All of this reminds me of Biff, freedom of speech is great when it applies to him, but not to others. :)

The person who cracked the serial rapist case was not
a "little girl" but an adult woman and a very brave one at

Don't go and get all technical on us. :)

She was a little girl compared to the size of the rapist!!!

A reprehensible crime--yes. This facility being the ultimate in recycling? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Typical "dirty MRFs" such as this one can only max out at about 30% recycling rates. I've heard DEQ say they don't have the authority to investigate complaints about recycling claims, so the complaints were never actually investigated. Regardless--sorted materials are much cleaner. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

I think all the trash the entire country of America generates should be hauled to one spot and we could build a giant ski mountain, say somewhere in the midwest where they don't have any mountains. That would be cool.

Hey Frank you understand the difference between free speech and a moderated forum right? I've had posts deleted because they were too racy for The Hook. And that's OK; it's their forum. And it's uncool to talk about an actual person as the likely victim of an impending murder. Way uncool and bad karma too.

Gasbag you're really due for the getting over self process. You're always here like the Belmontic Oracle, but does anyone ever recognize your acumen and hire you for your consulting expertise or relegated to working security at birthday parties?

Birthday parties? No. I'm not sure there's a big demand for birthdy parties yet. I'll look into it. Thanks for the suggestion. It would have to be more entertaining than standing in Barnes & Noble making sure nobody steals a book. Probably less chance of having a girl abducted and killed right under the noses of several hundred security officers too.

But I and several other people were hired to do security at a funeral recently. It was more of a bodyguard and escort nature though. Got to meet several famous celebrities too. Who would ever have thought they had relatvies living in a place like Charlottesville?

OK, now back to your first paragraph above.... Are you sure your comments weren't deleted by The Hook because they were highly offensive and reprehensible?

Biff -- I have had a few deleted also but always thought it was due to Frank speech .

Gasbag you take hits and bounce back like a freakin' Bozo punching dummy. But seriously think about talking about a person with a name and a face and at the least the connection of being a member of your community and saying "Yeah they're gonna kill him." Karma is never foiled by the resilience of your own ego, and that's just not how people in a community are supposed to speak about one another.

Now go put on the "Toys R Us" badge and get on patrol. It's gonna be a rough one out there!!!

I said, no more shines. Maybe you didn't hear about it, you've been away a long time. They didn't go up there and tell you. I don't shine shoes anymore.

Sorry Biff, my days of pinning a badge on, having to punch in at 8:15 a.m., having to answer to about 3 or 4 different supervisors, working late more often than not, and getting called out every third night and every third weekend are over. And I have never been happier in my life than I currently am.

I do still have a large collection of law enforcement badges though. You wanna borrow them one night and play with them?

A story about high grade vandalism sure took on a life of its own. Mr. Van Der Linde took a timely and innovative business concept, ran with it and made it a big success. Obviously, given the litigation&extortion attempts it generated, his success has been at others' expense in some cases and that he's the object of hostility in his industry seems beyond dispute.
If he ended up dead, it wouldn't be the first time in this area that business rivalries ended in murder. GBSOE's speculations are well founded. There is no sin in his saying so and I "get" that some people think it's a jinx to mention it in public. But you can trust that anyone having dark designs on Mr. Van Der Linde isn't going to rely on the spark of suggestion from this forum to formulate those designs into a plan of action.

All morons hate it when you call them a moron. ~J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye, Chapter 6
GSOE You are a unique person, maybe a little nut's

you too Angel eyes SCARY

Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss Crazy,

I didn't simply end up crazy.

I had to be driven there.

And it's not really a bad place to be.

What has been done to Peter Van der Linde is both criminal and cruel. The fact of it means that we have peculiarly dangerous people among us, ones more devious and perhaps more skilled than the usual perpetrators of local violence and vandalism, ones also bold enough to attack someone very much in the public eye not to mention someone who is a party with thousands of us in a public contract, ones whose acts necessitated immediate involvement by a state agency tasked with protecting people by protecting air quality, water quality, etc..

So I'm very curious about why it took going on four full days for this to come to public attention via a weekly publication's website and why our newspaper of record has yet even to mention it. I'm not talking about details. Peter Van de Linde and police investigators are right not to jeopardize investigation and prosecution by divulging what they have in the way of evidence and suspects. I'm simply talking about the fact that such a crime occurred at all, that it had environmental implications, and that those who committed it -- or at least those who hired them -- are probably still here.

Police reports are public record. Relaying them to the public is one of the most basic tasks of journalism. Given the lag in this case, everyone should be concerned about what we could expect in the event of, say, a terrorist threat both bold and devious and perhaps skilled as well.

Excellent point Antoinette. Several news outlets have not done their jobs in reporting a critical local story. The ones I can site are the Daily Progress, Wina, Chn29, CvilleWeekly, CvilleNews, and CharlottesvilleTomorrow. Only The Hook and Chn 19 have reported this story, and yet as you note, we need all the coverage possible to find and prosecute the perpetrators of this violent, outrageous crime against Mr. Van der Linde and the entire community who depend on his services.

The silence from these news outlets warrants an explanation.

Hopefully the county commonwealths attorney is prepared to bring 26 counts of destruction of property when a culprit is caught and not just a single one? And if speculation proves true and more than one person/entity was involved, Mr. Van derLinde should look into a civil suit under 18.2-499 (if I remember correctly) the Virginia Civil Conspiracy Statute. Conspiring to injure another in business, trade or reputation allows for a tripling of damages suffered.

I've often wondered why this area doesn't have a police
blotter like so many other places large and small.

I think I can shed a little bit of light on this question.

What you see and read in the media outlets is often controlled by the official law enforcement press releases. For example, and without going into a lot of specific details, an official law enforcement press release about an arrest was sent to all the media outlets 3 hours before warrants were written by the magistrate. After having realized they had made one big terrible mistake, the cop shoppe lied to the magistrate in order to still obtain the warrants. Can you imagine the repercussions if they had not been able to obtain arrest warrants after issuing a press release 3 hours prematurely to the media outlets? The magistrate later said he never would have issued the warrantas if the cop shoppe had not LIED to him under oath.

As far as Van der Linde, the cop shoppes have little interest in issuing an official press release about criminals vandaling three dozen trucks. Why do they have very little interest in making such a press release? Because the first question the public would ask is where all the cops were while vandals spent hours destroying over three dozen trucks! It's not the type of press release where they can pat themselves on the back and claim to be doing such a terrific job like in the example in my first paragraph.

A lot of what you see in the media outlets is also a result of insider information being passed on to the media outlets. For example, the recent sexcapades in the county police force, it was most likely leaked to the media by one of their own employees. This is also the type of press release you will never see being released voluntarily by the cop shoppes.

Crying in a bucket, Gasbag, it wouldn't take me "several hours" to disable 26 vehicles by myself, and I have only a rudimentary knowledge of mechanics. If the persons involved exercised some caution, then it's pretty obvious that they could get away with it without the police seeing them. I'm a law-abiding citizen, but even I can figure out that this crime probably involved stealth and maybe even some form of crouching to keep out of sight?

This fantasy that you and a few others have that the police are somehow omnipotent and omniscient is ludicrous. It's a basic fact of physics that they can't actually be everywhere at the same time (especially in a county like Louisa). I doubt that wondering where the police were that night is the "first" question people are asking. Instead, most folks are probably asking "Who did it?!" Your frame of reference on news stories is bizarrely tiny.

I hope the perps are caught and they throw the book at 'em.

I think Vanderlinde should also try and use the Rico statute, the way it was used against him, and see how they like them apples. Its clear this is not something the average public is interested in doing, and I am not bvuying some big mafia thing. I think these are a group of local players.

Mr/Mrs/Miss Small, I am sorry. I thought the story said 36 vehicles, not 26. I must not have been using my reading finger the other day.

I guess you are right, exercise caution while committing crimes. There must be a lot of criminals exercising caution nowadays as you say, because so many crimes remain unsolved.

You did make an interesting comment though..... if these crimes took place in Louisa County as you say, why is Lt. David Wells of the Fluvanna County Sheriff's Department investigating them?

Mafia activities aren't necessarily big. It controls the
bakeries in parts of Italy for example.

Still no mention of this terrible crime in the Daily Progress. This warrants an investigation in itself.


Some police departments issue press releases. Others don't. But whether a department makes that effort or not, crime reports are matters of public record to which both members of the press and private individuals have a right of access.

At several points in my 40-plus years of writing for newspapers and magazines, it has been part of my job to telephone local law enforcement agencies every morning to find out what incidents occurred in the previous 24 hours. When I was The Richmond News Leader's state correspondent based here, I called both Charlottesville and Albemarle departments. Each of the agencies with which I dealt had someone designated to take such calls -- usually the supervising officer on the shift. None with whom I dealt ever failed to give me the relevant information. Whether there's any room left for such news in the amazing shrinking Daily Progress or not, it still should be someone's job there to check daily not just with Charlottesville and Albemarle Police but with the departments in adjacent counties as well.


And that is to say that this place does have a police blotter -- one that once upon a time was printed daily and later was printed weekly. The Richmond Times-Dispatch still carries a selective daily version of Richmond-area crime reports. So does The Washington Post for the Metro DC area.

I don't doubt that Charlottesville officials are delighted at the demise of such daily detailing of bad and/or dangerous behavior here. To have every incident come out would contradict their non stop self-congratulation and suggest that all those silly, meaningless awards they announce the City winning are silly and meaningless. But crime news is the ultimate in need-to-know information and citizens should demand it.

There is a high probability in my opinion the culprets are within the parties named in the article . The X-employee who did time may still have an axe to grind and the haulers about to loose their work with UVA may not be very happy that they would soon have food taken off their tables by MRF ...

Other papers may have their nose too high in the air to be able to stoop down and cover a subject as this . In the recycling,junk,garbage business it is easy to do well if one gets over that hurtle of reaching down to pick up stuff .One man's garbage is another man's gold or to turn another phrase "everyone wants to make money in garbage but no one wants to get their hands dirty ".

Frank Speaker:

The subject in the Van der Linde story is not garbage. The subject is criminal activity -- industrial sabotage, destruction of property, trespassing, illegal dumping of toxic substances, ad inf.

All part of the territory and then some with the characters in the demolition ,recycling,garbage ad inf. The players often started with nothing but end up in the opposite end of the economic spectrum with amazing real power . There is an ongoing shady side of bribery,strong arming,heavy bill collecting , you name it maybe even the M word. It all generates from the core business but seems to always to be interwoven and goes without saying that is part of the price for the service. Large players generally have a paid off insider within government,and industry to get the inside track on commodity . It amounts to large theft rings . Delivering bribe goodies at Christmas in parking lots at night around the country gets to be a chore Arrg....

Gasbag-- my bad, you are correct about the jurisdiction.

Agree with NancyDrew that it's bizarre that the story hasn't been covered more extensively, especially by the news-starved DP.

Betting this was a yet to be named disgruntled former employee, and not Mr. Kendrick.


Allied Waste....no. Too much to lose. If they were successful they would regain Charlottesville territory, but if caught they would lose huge national credibility. Major companies like Wal Mart, etc would not want to do business with them. Big company squashed small town business man...not cool.

Waste Management....no. They are van der Linde customers. Ditto other small garbage and dumpster guys.

This was either personal or someone trying to 'muscle in' from Jersey, etc.

I agree,Dave.Let's not jump to mobbed-up conclusions.This company has had all kinds of turnover.There are no benefits for drivers .No insurance,nothing.I'm sure investigators are poring over the long list of ex-employees.

Van der Linde's single stream recycling facility is called a dirty mrf. Dirty MRF's accept recyclables along with wet food waste and other non-recyclable material. Van der Linde has made false claims about the recovery rate at his dirty mrf. In reality, dirty mrf's are not very effective in recovering recyclables from household trash. Moreover, Van der Linde tries to pass this process off to the public as state of the art, when it has been around for decades. Van der Linde claims he recycles your household waste when he really loads it on transfer trailers and sends it to Shoosmith Landfill.

hmmm some comments interesting, but my main question is can we let the facts unravel (can the press please put some effort in?) and then form opinions? wish i knew it all, too...

No names no pack drill but there is the one about the Hazmat operator . He was being paid big bucks to receive and process or find a safe end use for the Hazmat but he was using the cheap method . Dumping it into the ocean .

Trash Lies and Frank Speaker:

I don't know Peter Van der Linde either personally or professionally. But I do know on both levels when someone is being trashed reprehensibly by accusers who bravely hide their real names while tarring another's. If either of you has evidence of the unethical and/or criminal behavior you ascribe to him, it is your responsibility as a citizen to report that evidence and that behavior to proper authorities immediately. If you have no such evidence, it is your responsibility as a moral being to admit that here and now.

Antoinette W. Roades....You seem to be totally misreading my comments and or perhaps you are simply otherwise in a general confused state of mind or on some mind altering substance or just having a bad day ?.I have made absolutely zero accusations against Mr Linde . Your comments are totally off the mark and off the wall . Mr Linde seems to be an independant operator and operating above board . I have no idea how you came up with your screwed up comments but i suspect you can write books and books to try to justify them if not by fact but perhaps may try the volume route . On the other hand I happen to be well aware of my responsibilities as a citizen and have performed them many many times in service within various venues ,thank you very much. I, therefore,don't require to be lectured by your good self in that respect but thank's again anyway !!!!! I suspect by bravely declaring your name you feel you have licence to trash and tar me incorrectly and still retain your self declared higher moral ground, or is it the holier than thou space ?. What makes you think i have not also declared my correct name ? I used to enjoy reading your stuff and felt you were a fair person , however, you now give me great pause !!

"Frank," what else was someone to infer from what you wrote above if not that Mr. Van der Linde was involved in shady activity? You also seem to have been implying that hazardous materials collected there were dumped in the ocean. If you weren't referring to Van der Linde's operation, then that certainly was not apparent from what you wrote.

"All part of the territory and then some with the characters in the demolition ,recycling,garbage ad inf. The players often started with nothing but end up in the opposite end of the economic spectrum with amazing real power . There is an ongoing shady side of bribery,strong arming,heavy bill collecting , you name it maybe even the M word. It all generates from the core business but seems to always to be interwoven and goes without saying that is part of the price for the service."

I just want to say that the comments in the Hook are way more interesting than the articles that generate them. What a bunch of nuts. Too bad words are not energy. A little bit of kindling here creates a lot of hot air.

Frank Speaker:

And as follow up to a statement that anyone would read as an accusation against Peter Van der Linde for complicity in ocean-dumping of hazardous materials -- which, of course, would also involve falsification of records -- you accuse me of using drugs and/or operating with diminished capacity.

Obviously, hurling imprecations with a paper bag over one's head is a marvelously freeing experience. I fear, however, that after a lifetime of trying hard as I possibly can to be sure that what appears under my byline is true, I'm just too old and too set in my ways to experiment with any other approach.

But please don't let me give you even a moment's pause. By all means hurl away.

Roades ----I am only pushing back at your false accusations .Having your name and picture in public perhaps goes with the territory of a professional writer but you do yourself no favours by the clap trap of your erronous imaginative additions to my comments . The situation i was referring to regarding Hazmat was about another person, who owns another company,in another country than Mr Lind . He is a family associate and an amusing ,amazing rags to riches story, however, was dealt with by the applicable levels of the law in his jurisdiction in that instance. I don't recall the details final disposition of that case . How you or anyone else could construe my general comments about the industry or an unnamed case and what everyone knows goes on in the industry as specific accusations against Mr Lind is mind boggling .Heck the story here is about Lind being on the receiving end of such practices . It appears you are going to stubbornly maintain your twisted perceptions and false allegations that i have smeared Mr Lind . Therefore an apology from you for false accusations probably wouldn't be as forthcoming as one demanded by yourself based your unfounded statements .

Why oh why do I read comments? Look, this is addressed to those of you with some intelligence who are actually interested in the issue at hand, in this case, a targeted case attempting to destroy a business. If you are really interested in the topic, just talk about that, and please ignore the moronic nonstop commentary by anonymous people with large agendas but with no actual life. My experience with toddlers throwing tantrums is that it is best to ignore inappropriate pleas for attention. I wish for once I could find a local thread that has not been hijacked by idiotic trolls.

Frank Speaker:

As another poster also noted, when read in the context of the current thread your comments about Hazmat illegalities could be construed in no other way than as referring to Peter Van der Linde. And no amount of baroque blustering on your part can alter that.


Thank you and I second your motion. As I said in all posts prior to FS's flailing at me personally, what happened is a very serious crime against an individual. And it's also a crime with other victims -- among them, Peter Van der Linde's employees, subcontractors, customers, the environment, et al. As such, it should have been reported widely by now both to alert the public to potential dangers and to enlist the public in investigative efforts.

But it still has not been reported beyond The Hook's initial story -- which did not run until almost four full days after the crime's discovery -- and a brief pickup of that story by the Newsplex. So I'm still very curious about what is and is not happening on that score.

Rhodes---One can intrepret anything anyway they wish i suppose. You wish to fabricate a false story to your personal liking . Even when explicidedly advised how wrong your story is you stubbornly support your false story and use it to fabricate false accusations . Your story at this point actually becomes a little tale . How disappointing . Me flailing at you ? Just the contrary as the self appointed mother hen here it was you that have tried to bully me with your off the mark statements . Very perplexing how someone could work so long in a profession that strives for accuracy and end up on an open blog attacking folks by making up false stories .You seem to be guided by the doctrine that if a person tells a lie often enough then people will believe it .You say there was a crime reported in the foregoing story . Very observant of you , at least you got that part right .

Frank Speaker:

I refer you to cookie jar, who somehow seems to have escaped your rococo wrath:

cookieJar June 7th, 2011 | 1:23am

"Frank," what else was someone to infer from what you wrote above if not that Mr. Van der Linde was involved in shady activity? You also seem to have been implying that hazardous materials collected there were dumped in the ocean. If you weren't referring to Van der Linde's operation, then that certainly was not apparent from what you wrote.

"All part of the territory and then some with the characters in the demolition ,recycling,garbage ad inf. The players often started with nothing but end up in the opposite end of the economic spectrum with amazing real power . There is an ongoing shady side of bribery,strong arming,heavy bill collecting , you name it maybe even the M word. It all generates from the core business but seems to always to be interwoven and goes without saying that is part of the price for the service."

Roades --- Maybe you should get a cookie out of the jar ,have a glass of milk and go outside and get some fresh air . May do wonders to clear your head from your currant fuzzy thinking . As an experienced writer/editor you must know you are trying to weave a false story here . You initially incorrectly lumped me in with the Trash Lie poster who did say negative things about Mr Lind .Cookie Jar made his post after you made your false accusation but you say you were referring to him/her . You are clearly making up juvenile stories as you go along . So go outside now and play with the others , no fibbing now !!!

Perhaps your speech is frank and maybe in some cases to the point. Your reading and writing skills are somewhat lacking though.

If you meant to convey anything other than accusations against Mr. Van Der Linde you did not do that in your earlier posts. If you meant no harm to Mr. Van der Linde, a simple clarification was all that was needed once the question of your intent was raised. To attribute a straightforward reading of what you wrote to "fuzzy thinking" is ludicrous.

"... baroque blustering..." Love that-- Toni Roades for the win.

Frank Speaker, your syntax is so garbled, there's no way that anyone can reasonably make sense of it. I too assumed that your dramatic non sequitur comment was directed against Mr Van der Linde (for that is indeed his correct name). After all, he is the topic du jour, and we, the great unwashed public, don't know nothin' about your family's associates, either foreign or domestic.

Doesn't take long for you folks to lose the point of the article.

Going to the videotape will solve this one..........

I was referring to a case involving one of the world's largest ROV owners and operators in another country while y'all are talking about dumping Hazmat into the Charlottsville Ocean .

Frank, this is obviously going to come as something of a surprise to you, but there is an ocean not far to the East of us.

Nothing surprises me from you quasi-intellectuals . So how did you envision him doing this dumping ? Loading up boats and heading out to sea or just tossing the barrels of Hazmat off the end of one of the Charlottesville Piers ?

Went by the Ivy landfill/transfer station today and they are handing out flyers announcing a change in fees. As of July 1, non-Albemarle County residents will be charged a $10 fee per transaction. Is the City no longer part of the RSWA?

Since you don't seem to get out much Frank, I've got another couple of surprises for you.

One of the roads at Zion Crossroads is an older East/West route known as US Route 250. It connects to many other roads that reach as far as the great ocean mentioned above. The other road at Zion Crossroads goes a short distance and then connects with a more modern East/West route known as Interstate 64. That road leads directly towards the great ocean.

As far as how exactly someone dumps hazardous waste into an ocean once one arrives at it; you are the only one here claiming knowledge of those matters.

Question is..........has there been any investigation of this matter past "gee, look what happened here...." ?

Cookie Jar ---I doubt land locked areas would try your suggested method ,too risky .Folks around seashore keep a close watch on the slightest movements lots of surveilance especially of outsiders . Also very risky transporting the stuff over any distance wouldn't you think . Lots could go wrong ,hard to explain a road accident where a bunch of PCB's end up spilled all over the roadway .This occours say normally when transporting old transformers . They are messy to handle and full of toxic material but they got to be collected ,dismantled and recycled .In landlocked areas illegal dumpers would try to burn or bury material i expect .Less movement decreases chances of discovery . Find an old abandoned mine shaft,dig a hole in a remote area or devise a method of burning the evidence so to speak .The Communinst countries made a right mess of their toxic waste handling .

Vandy is blowing smoke:
"I just wanted to recycle, thought it would be good for the environment," says Van der Linde, shaken by the war's escalation from courtroom to carnage. "But I guess this is what you get when you take food from a dog when he's still eating."

This is pure BS. Vandy is trying to win sympathy aluding that another garbage player did this to him. What does he pay his help, is it anything near living wage? How does he fire people, fair-and-square or cut thier pay drastically?

This was obviously personal. He pissed someone off and they took the law into their own hands, judge, jury, and executioner in the wee hours. Pete knows who did this but he won't say. Maybe he's afraid to get beat up for telling the teacher.

Okay. This is pure PR bs. Learn more about recycling from the GreenopolisTV channel. Check out their latest video filmed at the Sustainable brands conference; you should see it: http://youtu.be/ig_NqccETlI