Person dead after train encounter in Scottsville

An eastbound train and a person who may have been dead, unconscious, or simply lying on train tracks in Scottsville made for a grisly scene Wednesday morning.

Officials were called to Ferry Street, near the headquarters of James River Reeling and Rafting, around 2am on June 1. There they discovered a lifeless body, gender unknown, that had been struck by a CSX train plying the route that follows the James River.

A press release from the Albemarle County Police Department indicates that the unidentified body will be taken to Richmond for identification by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. The release notes that traffic on the busy rail line, a route dedicated almost exclusively to the transport of coal from the fields of West Virginia to the ports of Tidewater, has been halted "until investigators have finished processing the scene."

The unhappy topic of humans versus trains was the subject of a 2002 Hook cover story.

Tuesday, June 7 update: County police spokesperson Sergeant Darrell Byers: "It appears that this was an intentional act; therefore we are not releasing any additional information."

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Why explore "the unhappy topic of humans versus trains" at all?? And then why bring it back? This is ghoulish and insensitive as is the gratuitous "grisly scene".

Maybe apply the same "comment deleted" standards to your stories, eh?

Amen to that. You can learn a lot about the personalities of the Hook staff by the way they treat tragic stories like they're the latest joke of the week. And why were they always deleting away on the Morgan Harrington comment thread, but they haven't deleted anything I've written since the last time I posted comments on that thread? If I didn't know better I'd say they were trying to cover up something about that case.

It is news when someone gets killed by a train. At least they are writing garbage about nanobots, the CIA, or fluoride.

typo- I meant "aren't writing garbage about..."

@CC The complaint wasn't about reporting news; the news here is that a human being came to an untimely and violent end as a result of a train accident. What is not news is a lurid focus on the grim physical consequences--note the link at the bottom.

Correction: The story in the link is focused on the events as a class, not physical fallout. However the criticism of "grisly scene" still stands. Hopefully the text in the article won't.

CC, how easy it is to dismiss some of the most important, pressing issues such as the continuting development of technology that enables neuron-nanobot-satellite-supercomputer infilitration of the human mind (already been developed, improving with time), water fluoridation (if you want the facts about the horror and motives of water fluoridation there are plenty of resources, the best of which is, and the activities of the largest, most sophisticated, best funded terrorist organization on this planet, the CIA. All you have to do is read the Hook and you'll find plenty of "garbage" to care about and to discuss with your friends and the public besides these vitally important, pressing issues.Sounds like that's just what you've been doing. Heck, if everyone used their real names like they're supposed to on this forum, we might realize that most of the people attacking me for talking about these things are Hook employees who don't like the discussion of the garbage they produce being undermined by important issues that I bring up all the time. So shame on you for being so ignorant and careless, do some research, but get off the fluoride before you do or you'll never be able to comprehend it.

You are right, JWG, it is easy to dismiss virtually everything I've ever seen you post here. I think that's why the Hook staff has been dismissing it with the delete button. I for one encourage them to continue.

Hey John,
You are correct on many of your points. As you can see from many of their "stories" like last week and pretty much every "summer" "camping" & "music" issue, the content is a bunch of cut & paste crap listing stuff. No journalism at all. By the looks of things this rag may not be around much longer. Why do you need 2 papers here that are now the same, print the same stuff 2 days apart & are full of inaccuracies & mistakes weekly. I would never pay to advertise amongst such slop.

Why do you need them? There's only so much time in the day to talk about the latest news. If you write the latest news, you control what people talk about and time passes on with more important topics left undiscussed and thus unconsidered. Stupid people also make the assumption that if something were newsworthy it would be in the local paper. The Hook doesn't like it when they lose control so they attack any threats to their control and of course to their own peace of mind.

In fact, many newspapers are not primarly funded by advertising revenue, but rather by the CIA for propaganda purposes. The returns are often much more profitable in terms of societal control than ads are in terms of money.

JWG on dat STUFF, mane

@ thomask...why do you read such "slop" then? Go find something else to bitch about. Stop whining about inaccuracies and cut and paste stories, you add nothing but worthless comments to any debate on here. Without this"rag" you wouldn't have anywhere to post your pointless drivel. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, yours just sucks. While JWG may be a little off-center (ha!) at least he's making a statement, not just complaining. Get a life.

Fist off, you have no idea whay I'm so criticle of this paper, since you obviously don't do accurate research, much like this paper. I hope you don't think this is the only place I post opinions. I can post any opinion I choose, anywhere I choose. I consider it a public service, much like the papers do, to let people know that what they are reading is garbage. I'm not sure why you are attacking me unless you have some association with this paper. My opinion, "sucks' in your opinion. That is a brillaint debate. I don't care what your opinion is at all. If you don't like it don't read it. Also, after reading your well thought out post, I'm pretty sure you don't have the depth to debate me on any topic. Stick to coloring books & have a nice weekend.


hahaha...learn how to spell and get back to me. I will take your advice and have a great weekend though. Thanks for the thought.

Isn't anyone concerned about what actually caused this poor soul to be on the tracks deceased or killed there . Much much more to be found out here starting with identity . This very tragic situation is being diminished by the foregoing trivial trash talk .

You are absolutely right Frank. My apologizes to the family of the poor soul. I got a little steamed about the comments and went totally off-topic. Thank you for refocusing my view of the story.

@ Frank Speaker:
Do you feel this could be a homicide?

It doesn't seem proper to speculate in public as to who ,what,when ,where, and how until more information is released .

JWG - You're on to us. Now we'll have to find new methods of spreading our propaganda and flouride. Maybe we'll start feeding it to the cows so it comes out in your milk.