Oxygen, herbs cured my Lyme

I read with interest your May 19 cover story about Lyme disease. I found I had Lyme when my dog, Lilah, went lame in 2006. I immediately visited my family physician, since I, too, was experiencing difficulty walking and extreme fatigue. He ran a Western Blot test, which was positive, and prescribed a round of antibiotics. I was no better. I grew worse and experienced difficulty thinking.

I went after this affliction with a vengeance, searching the web, calling Lyme-literate doctors, and watching the movie Under our Skin. I contemplated the effects of massive antibiotics on my immune system and decided to visit Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida. I had been there many times just to improve my health and knew that it was run by two PhDs with an MD as well.

They treated me with sessions in a hyperbaric chamber while breathing oxygen, sessions of intravenous vitamins, massive amounts of wheat grass juice and numerous other detox treatments of which most people never heard. The spirochete is anaerobic and will die in the presence of oxygen. I was there three weeks.

While I was there, I met someone else with Lyme. He told me to have a blood test at Central Florida Research, Inc. This lab performs an antigen test that is far more reliable than the Western Blot. He also told me to begin taking an herb called samento. I found another place in Florida (Sally’s Herbs) which sent me a 140-day protocol of herbs that included samento, cumanda, venus fly trap, Japanese knotweed, and others. I also began to take phosphatylserine daily for my brain function. (This can be purchased locally at a health food store.)

Today, I am symptom free and my brain function has been restored. Lilah still limps, hates doxycicline, and often throws it up.

Norma Dyas

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