Loving loafs: New bakery to break bread

After months of preparation, the Great Harvest Bread Company will be opening in the old Crazy Horse Studio space next to Cville Coffee in McIntire Plaza on Friday, June 3. Dish had a chance to chat with husband-and-wife owners Matt Monson and Kath Younger as they were putting the finishing touches on the space.

"It's quite the transformation since the days of Crazy Horse Studio," says Younger, who also authors a popular food blog called Kath Eats Real Food. Indeed, the new space looks like a cross between a New York loft space and a cafe, complete with high ceilings and plenty of light coming through the wall of windows in the front. Monson says that the location of the place alone has been good advertising, as the big sign they put up can't be missed by motorists heading down McIntire Road or coffee drinkers popping into Cville Coffee. In fact, Younger says they've already had a lot of walk-in traffic.

"We'd tell them they couldn't buy anything yet," says Younger, "but offered them some bread to try."

Lucky walk-ins. Dish had a chance to sample the goods awhile ago, and we can tell you that this bread is hearty, nutrition-packed stuff. It's the kind of bread you can enjoy with nothing on it but a little butter. The bread is made from all-natural ingredients–including locally produced eggs and honey–and they grind their own whole grains in the bakery. Basically, the bread is a meal all by itself.

Of course, it's not just bread their offering. There will be a full sandwich menu, plus cookie, pancake, and granola and oatmeal mixes.

"We're excited about being a part of this great foodie community," says Younger, beaming with anticipation.


Good luck to Matt and Kath! I know I will be down for lunch often!

"foodie community" ?#*&% another wannabe baker in this one-horse town??

Find another one horse town to live in if this one doesn't suit you. Hats off to anyone trying to make it on their own. Those who can, do. Those who can't whine about those who do.