Wiig'in out: 'Bridesmaids' gives good laughs

Three of my good female friends, who I could usually find overcoming hangovers at their Saturday morning Recovery Drunches at Oxford's Pub, once made pinpricks in their thumbs and performed a ceremony becoming blood sisters. They were the only people I have actually known who could inspire a Judd Apatow buddy movie, and all three could do what not all women do well, and that is perfectly tell a dirty joke.
    Maybe I liked Bridesmaids in their honor. Kristen Wiig's new comedy is about a group of women friends who are as unbehaved as the guys in The Hangover. Don't tell me "unbehaved" isn't a word. It is now. And Wiig is rather brilliant in her physical comedy as she flies to Vegas as part of her BFF's bachelorette party; if it were not the wedding of her BFF, this trip would get her thrown out of the wedding. Her motto: "What happens in Vegas, starts on the plane." Full review.

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