Kabob Palace: Afghani, not Pakistani

Rohina Mirzai, owner with her husband Mirahmad of the Kabob Palace on Emmet Street (where Carmello's used to be) called Dish recently to complain about her new place being reffered to as a "Middle Eastern/Pakistani place" in these pages, electronic and otherwise, to which we offer this shout out: They serve Afghan food, not Pakistani food. Our apologies, Ms. Mirzai.

The Kabob Palace opened just a week ago, and has already had mouths watering. Mirzai and her family hail from Northern Virginia, where they had a similar shop. Dish has heard good reviews so far, especially on a three-course prix fixe dinner for two they offered recently for $32.


more excellent accurate reporting from the hook

Given the current world situation, who would want to eat either cuisine?

What we need is some DECENT Italian food in this town.

What on earth does "the current world situation" have to do with eating anyone's cuisine. We eat plenty of food from other places we've invaded, like pineapples from Hawaii or Vietnamese food for example.

We're not at war in Hawaii or Viet Nam at the moment are we? We haven't been betrayed by either lately have we?

I guess Betty is too young to remember that the real betray was of Afghanistan by the US.

The precursors the Taliban were often referred to in the 80s simply as mujahideen (people engaged in jihad) or more commonly as Afghan Freedom Fighters." The US liberally funded their efforts and used them as a proxy army to fight against the Soviet Union in the hope that it would collapse due to internal unrest similar to that in the US during the Vietnam War as well as the expense of a prolonged occupation effort. To that end, arms, money, and training in things like making IEDs were provided to Afghanis as well as to the numerous Arab, and other people, among them Osama bin Laden, who went to Afghanistan to join in the war against the Soviets.

The US more or less achieved its aim and then it betrayed the Afghan people who had served as its pawns by leaving a failed state that had just undergone a civil war, with US and Soviet interference, to fend for itself despite the near total destruction of its civil infrastructure and its government. The resulting chaos was the breeding ground for all of the troubles that followed.

That chaos allowed Osama bin Laden to take the training and some of the left over weaponry provided by the US and prepare to use it in his next mission, that of ridding the Middle East of the presence of the US military. You won't often read it in the US media, but it isn't hard to find bin Laden's writings. His only significant conflict with the US was that he and many others felt that the corrupt Saudi Royal family is only able to keep its grip on power due to the support of the US.

The presence of, what is to Muslim eyes, a Christian i.e. "crusader" military on bases in Saudi Arabia (which they regard as a holy land) in alliance with the government that isn't even remotely democratic to them further delegitimizes the Saudi government and points to the hypocrisy of the US. To betray someone implies that a trust was broken. Many throughout the region, Afghanis and Pakistanis included, simply never been given reason to be loyal to the US.

It may or may not be the case here, but an Afghani in this country is quite possibly one of the lucky few who was not betrayed by the US and given haven here for having assisted or being a relative of someone who had assisted the US effort against the Soviets. Even if that's not the case, it is a shocking betray of all that is supposed to be American to condemn someone whom you do not know, who is obviously a hard working, almost certainly legal resident if not a citizen, who is attempting to achieve the American dream of success in a small business simply because you do not have the intellectual capacity to separate that person from all that is bad in his or her country of origin. You should be ashamed of yourself for even thinking that way, and more so for having said it in a public forum.

Do you nay sayers realize that Afghan people who are here running a restaurant wanted to come here and be part of our country? They are not our enemies!!