Wine Made Simple does just that

If only there were a store that made buying wine simple. One that listed wines by style (light, dry, fruity) and quality instead of overwhelming us with information about type and geography. One managed by a professional wine expert. Oh, and one that specialized in wines costing less than $20.

Too good to be true? Not anymore. About a month ago, Wine Made Simple opened in the Townside Shopping Center on Ivy Road (near Shenandoah Joe and Zazus).

Owner Joyce Watson, a former corporate communications professional from Atlanta, says it was a challenge to sort through all the good wine available for less than a double sawbuck, but she says she had some quality help.

Richard Leahy, Watson's partner and store manager, has been a professional wine writer since 1986. In 2007, as the director for the Virginia Wine Experience in London, Leahy introduced Virginia wines to British wine experts, which resulted in some kudos from UK wine critics like Andrew Jefford, and helped lift Virginia's wine reputation up a notch. Leahy continues to write and teaches wine courses at Piedmont Virginia Community College.

"We want to be a community hub for people to socialize and enjoy good wine," says Watson, emphasizing the open space feel of the shop and its "wine cellar look," which is ideal for private gatherings and wine tastings.

"It's always been my dream to open a wine shop," says Watson.

We'll toast to that!


I love this place! My only complaint is that I don't live closer. I am hopeful that they will do so well that they need to open another store and it turns out to be in my neck of the woods.

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Great place for wine. Over by Zazus. Go check them out. They are everything the article says and more!!!