More notoriety: UVA Law's alleged stalker previously impeached

Not since Teddy Kennedy was speeding through town and picking up reckless driving tickets in the late 1950s has UVA Law School seen so much scandal. This academic year ends with two unseemly incidents: third-year Johnathan Perkins was on the verge of graduation when he admitted fabricating an incident of police racial profiling, and classmate Daniel Watkins was arrested May 6 on stalking and assault charges.

For Watkins, a second-year lawyer-in-training from Fredericksburg, it was not the first time he'd felt the public glare. In September 2008, as an undergraduate political science major and student body president at Abilene Christian University, the African American Watkins reported finding a noose on his office chair, an incident of potential bias that made national news. Police investigated, and no arrests were made.

Six months later, Watkins was impeached and booted from office for a host of charges including manipulative and unethical behavior. Student leaders said the charges had nothing to do with the noose incident, but in an interview with the Associated Press, Watkins suggested his impeachment was a racially motivated "personal vendetta."  At UVA Watkins, is listed as organizer for a group called Students United to Promote Racial Awareness.

The latest charges against Watkins follow an alleged assault February 13. The victim, Watkins' former girlfriend and UVA classmate, filed a complaint with the Office of the Dean of Students, and Watkins was ordered to have no contact with her, according to the Newsplex. But on May 5, the woman reported to University Police that Watkins had violated the administrative protective order, and he was arrested the next day.

Court records indicate that Watkins was released from jail around 3:30am on May 7 on $2,500 bail secured by a Jeep Wrangler belonging to another law student, Katherine Gilli Gordon, who showed up in court May 12.

At that hearing, a suit-and-tie-wearing Watkins asked Judge William Barkley to let him leave the state on his own recognizance for a summer job in Dallas. Barkley agreed, so Watkins is due back in court June 27 for his trial on the stalking and assault charges. Each is is a class 1 misdemeanor, carrying up to 12 months in jail and/or a $2,500 fine.

While Watkins did not return an emailed request for comment, a legal gossip website called Above the Law alleges that Watkins and police brutality fabricator Johnathan Perkins are buddies. 

UVA's Standards of Conduct prohibit physical or sexual assault, as well as violation of federal, state, and local law. Students picking up a rap sheet are subject to disciplinary measures ranging from admonition to expulsion. If UVA follows the precedent set with Perkins– who was not charged with filing a false report to police, although admitting he'd done so– then Watkins will enjoy another year in the hallowed halls.

"Each case is taken individually," says UVA spokeswoman Carol Wood in an email. "Much depends on the severity of the charges and whether the student is considered a threat to our community."

Wood notes that the Dean of Students can perform an interim suspension to remove students whose misdeeds could be a potential threat to the community, but that information would not be made public. Wood also says the Dean can file charges against an errant student with the University Judiciary Committee.



What is the common denominator here?

Racist claiming racisim

Lisa -- there was no precedent set with perkins. That was a silly sentence. Watkins will be handled under the judicial rules, while perkins (who hasn't been charged with a crime) is an honor issue that may or may not already be underway.

Does it take another dead student to awaken this university's leaders? ASSUALT and BREAKING A PROTECTIVE ORDER, sounds like little or no trouble to me????

Fred, did you fail to read the article, or just to understand it? The police were involved, charges were filed, and according to the article, a trial is scheduled. It seems like the system is function exactly as it should, and in that system, someone who is accused of something is presumed to be innocent until it is proven otherwise.

Is the hook going to cover every student that winds up in court?

If you want to do some money-grubbing a$$hole profiling, just stroll up Darden Boulevard and chat up anyone wandering around the faux-Jeffersonian halls of the MBA program.

looks like good ole UVA is putting out gangstas in the academic world as well as sports.
Keep up the good work .Remember football is just around the corner so get a line man and a backer to break the law before the start of the season .Ya have to keep up the winning streak

With this "ethical kerfuffle" in his background, how did Watkins get into UVa Law School?

Versace Girl, were you born yesterday? Look at his picture, pretty obvious how he got accepted into UVa Law School.

Morris Shifflett is absolutely right! In fact, all you need to know about this young man can be told by simply looking at his picture.

And Versace Girl has an excellent point. We all know that UVA simply does not allow unethical people to exist within its hallowed halls!

I was at ACU at the time of the noose incident. It should be noted that many at ACU from that time feel that Watkins did it himself as some kind of attention getting stunt. That combined with the reasons for is impeachment make me wonder how he got into law school.

reality check have you checked out Virginia's sexual predator list? what is the common denominator there?

What makes me really sick, is that there were easily more qualified law school applicants. Who were unfortunate enough to be white and middle class, that got rejection letters, so these two idiots could get into UVa law school. Affirmative action is reverse racism. Just as wrong as Jim Crow laws.

What makes me really sick, is that there were easily more qualified law school applicants. Who were unfortunate enough to be white and middle class, that got rejection letters, so these two idiots could get into UVa law school. Affirmative action is reverse racism. Just as wrong as Jim Crow laws.

Morris, I agree that affirmative action is reverse discrimination but that doesn't mean you can insinuate that these people are evil because of their race. You can find plenty of liars and cheats among whites too.