Around the corner: WorldStrides set to occupy Waterhouse

The cornerstone at Waterhouse– the scaled-down $20 million mixed-use complex of offices, retail space, and apartments atop a parking garage that will span a gap between West Water and South Streets–  was revealed May 13, as was a big sign announcing that WorldStrides will be the building's major tenant. "This couldn't have happened in any other City," said Waterhouse architect Bill Atwood.

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Little known fact - Bill Atwood designed this beautiful chapel in Hiroshima.

Harmonic Hall Chapel

Forest Hills Garden,
Hiroshima, Japan.

What couldn't have happened in another city, a small project being substituted for a pre-crash pipe dream? Maybe he means finding 3 people who look so uncomfortable in suits? A city where the mayor doesn't have any real business on his agenda for the day? Likely though he's just talking about finding a tenant willing to look out of the window at the god awful ugly building at the corner of 5th and Main.

Maybe the mayor is trying to think of how to send WorldStrides to Ghana, so he can go visit again. Or perhaps trying to think of what other employer he can steal from the surrounding counties to bolster his Socialist tax base.