Snap: Prepping for gowns, UVA powerwashes its caps

UVA gussies its grounds for Final Exercises, aka graduation day, which is Sunday, May 22. Governor Bob McDonnell is the keynote speaker.

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The snap under possibly related above shows Bodo's saving water . Why would a leading university, touting it's green initiatives, engage in power washing ?

And this is from UVA's web-site:

Water Conservation
at UVa
Conserving water is an integral part of sustainability.
Energy & Utilities strives to utilize water as efficiently and effectively as possible. From increasing our capabilities to detect leaks through better measurement to identifying potential ways to recapture water, E&U is working to achieve greater water conservation throughout the Grounds.

Where does the water go after use? We need more downstream so you folk in Cville, wash, wash, wash! How long can you save it?

Love a tree hugger; the water goes in the ground and nature recycles it. Get a life,

And my ex wife said my sarcasm wouldn't make me any friends.