Coming of age: Rathbone, Honenberger at Over the Moon

The New Yorker compared the protagonist of Emma Rathbone's first novel, The Patterns of Paper Monsters, to Catcher in the Rye's Holden Caulfield, while Sarah Collins Honenberger's protagonist in her novel Catcher, Caught was inspired by Caulfield. So we guess it's only natural that the two locally based authors (Rathbone is a graduate of UVA's Creative Writing Program; Honenberger is a third-, second-, and first-place winner of the Hook's fiction contest and lives in Orange) should discuss and sign copies of their books together at Over the Moon Bookstore in Crozet.

"A singular debut . . .Rathbone's extraordinary and imaginative command of language surprises at every turn " – Publishers Weekly, on The Patterns of Paper Monsters

"Honenberger skillfully crafts her coming-of-age-at-the-end-of-life tale, balancing the pull between typical teen issues and major life decisions with subtlety and compassion" – Booklist, on Catcher, Caught.