Snap: When Rugby Road is 3 buses wide

How serious are local officials about getting beverage-minded students to and from the Foxfield races? Serious enough to let motorcoaches take over Rugby Road on the Saturday morning of the steeplechase event.

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And all these buses on what Transportation for America has rated a structurally deficient bridge; one of several in the area deemed to be in dire need of repair or replacement . Looks like they are 20 months behind on their inspection schedule, needed every 12 months. Charlottesville may be do some things well, but infrastructure is not one of them !

TFA rating:

Structurally deficient

Built 1921
National bridge ID 000000000020085
11,170 cars per day (avg.)

Deck: 4
Superstructure: 4
Substructure: 5

Inspection frequency: 12 months
Last inspection: September-2009,-78.5083230000...

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thanks again Comrade Hawes for the "2" deletions "Warsaw 1932"

Well the bridge held didn't it?