Tuesday afternoon: Thunder and hail enliven fair city

The National Weather Service's Blacksburg radar shows a band of severe weather approaching Charlottesville this afternoon though the loop images show that the center of the storm may pass between Harrisonburg and Charlottesville.

Already, the rain appears to have passed through Lexington as the VMI webcams show wet streets but no damage.

4:22pm update: Pfft– nothing happened here, and the mass once bold on the radar seems to have dispersed. However, the Service notes that a thunderstorm was seen five miles west of Sherando, and the Service still has our area under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch.

7:05pm update: Downtown got two or three minutes of pea-sized hail and a solid dose of rainfall in a half-hour storm.

7:17pm update: Actually, it's still raining, so this is something of an hour-long storm by this point.

–original headline: Band o' thunderstorms heading this way

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In a weekly newspaper?!?
There must be some actual news somewhere in C-Ville...

yeah, Surly, the "news" is that the city is putting up a fence on a bridge.... YAWWWWWNNNNN!!!! but you should see the griping! This world class city needs some more action, IMHO.....

Good call Mr. Spencer --did anyone see the fabulous rainbow over Carter's Mt. ?

Dat rainbow was sumtin else NancyDrew - ya boi almost wreckd his car on 5th skreet when he saw da beaty dat wuz dat rainbow mane

Such a slow news day the Hook photographer had time to actually take a picture instead of using stock photography. Although after the Singapore picture to represent local traffic you never really know for sure.