Hook team plans for non-existent Pulitzer

The monster, Genoways, lives. And worse, he's winning more awards. [April 21 cover story: "Submission guidelines: Will the Fallen VQR rise again?"] Who among us can choke back their envy and attack this thing? That hero is McNair of the Hook.
    McNair swings into action. He searches his last article about the VQR and his one before that and his other ones too. He has the charges ready. But wait! There is a new target. A UVA scientist is now at the defense. Doesn't this man know the rules? Doesn't he know that knowledge of the real world disqualifies you from the literary world? Doesn't he know that "magnetism" is just a metaphor? McNair puts him in his place.
    A year from now they are announcing the Pulitzers. Rumor has it that a winner is from Charlottesville. It's a festive atmosphere at the Hook. Even the missing editor shows up. The party is in full swing when a messenger arrives with the news. He looks stricken. He can barely speak. The winner is not McNair of the Hook. The winner is....OMG! No one can move. No one except McNair. He's already back at the keyboard. He's cutting, pasting (well, maybe not cutting) and typing, typing, typing.

Paul Collinge

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