Dogg/Williams: Two stars in one night thrill downtown

It may have seemed like just a typical spring night in Charlottesville, but Monday, April 25 held the distinction of showcasing the talents of two nationally renowned– yet somehow different– musical performers: Snoop Dog and Lucinda Williams. Although Williams appeared at the Paramount, it turns out that each came to town via Starr Hill Presents, the music promotion firm run by Dave Matthews Band manager Coran Capshaw. Tom Daly caught the action with his camera.


Really enjoyed seeing Lucinda Williams.

And why were the Charlottesville PD so evident in the Jefferson block on the mall? Six (6), count them, of Cville's finest posted in that one section, looking rather bored and not really interested, but clearly evident. Were we expecting some Crips or Bloods up from Richmond for the show? The line out front ALMOST looked like a Tea Party meeting. It did seem everyone was having a grand time! (except the CPD officers).

I noticed the strong police presence as well. There was a small fight that broke out inside just before Snoop came out..but everything settled as soon as the show got under way. Didn't see any police staked out by the Paramount for Lucinda Williams crowd.

It's called PROFILING ans is supposed to be ILLEAGLE!



yeah...cause people going to see 58 year old folk/blues singers are clearly a greater concern than those interested in an ex gangbanger known best for a song called "Gin and Juice" from Death Row records.

Dont get me wrong, Snoops does his biz better than just about anything I hear these days from what seems to be a bunch of narcissistic misogynists.

HOWEVER, had I been there waiting until post 11PM for Snoop to look at Flavor Flavs chest I suspect the police would have been called out for me....