Tidbits: Duvall at Chang's, Kabob Palace, Whole Foods

Gen Lee over at Peter Chang's China Grill reports that actor Robert Duvall finally made it in for lunch on Monday, April 25. The Northern Virginia-based Academy Award-winner, a big Chinese food fan, had missed out on visiting Chang when the acclaimed chef was cooking over at Taste of China, and had even complained about it in at least one interview for his last film, vowing to track down Chang. 

–-The Kabob Palace, serving up authentic Afghan food, just took over the old Carmello's space on Emmet Street, providing some competition for Ariana Grill, a kabob place that opened on West Main. Carmello's moved to a larger space on Fontaine Avenue

–- During the evening reception celebrating (but not actually including) Prince William and Kate Middleton at the British Embassy in Washington, DC  on Friday, April 29, there will be a familiar local wine being served: Octagon and Barboursville Vineyards Viognier Reserve. Congrats to Barboursville Vineyards.

–-Whole Foods reports that they're looking to open their new store at 1797 Hydraulic Road in early June.