City Market move: Consultant to give advice

The task force created to help find a new home for the Charlottesville City Market is expected to recommend a new location to City Council in May, but it appears to be a daunting task, as they've decided to bring in a well-known Philadelphia-based "farmer's market" consultant, one David K. O’Neil, who has helped launch 200 market projects around the world and is a senior associate at New York’s Project for Public Spaces. He'll be giving a talk at the Jefferson Theater this Saturday, April 30, at 1pm.

While O’Neil says he isn't familiar with our City Market's specific situation, according to an interview in the Daily Progress, it sounds like he understands the challenges of orchestrating a move about which everyone has an opinion.
“Everyone thinks that a market is their market. So everybody is an expert,” O’Neil said. “And everybody’s right.”