So who wants two free tickets to see the Clipse at the Jefferson Theater on Saturday?

Acclaimed Virginia Beach rap duo The Clipse will roll through town on Saturday for a concert at the Jefferson Theater, and we've got your free tickets right here. But why has this taken so freaking long? The Virginia Beach area has been an odd little nexus for mainstream hip hop for a decade or more now – in addition to these guys, you've got Missy Elliott, The Neptunes/N.E.R.D., Timbaland and his protégé Danja, and more recently Waka Flocka Flame's favorite producer Lex Luger. And yet the only one of the bunch who has paid any attention to Charlottesville is Skillz, who performed at the late iS Venue in January 2009. Leave us a couple thoughts on what exactly might be in the water out there and/or why these folks have been so uninterested in hanging out just down the road in Charlottesville, and on Friday we'll hook someone up with a pair of tickets. Finally!


Nice! This is Gasbag's favorite group!

Not me!

my guess is that it's the mixture of regional influences on account of the proximity to so many military bases. further, the area is equidistant from new york and atlanta, allowing both city's distinct rap sounds to influence and mold a wholly unique one. finally, it's virginia--i'm told there's not much to do but cook.

No way.

Would not go if you gave me free tickets and paid me for my time.

It would be pretty cool to have a pair of tickets to go see Clipse. They are a great group and super talented.

No show in Charlottesville, VA...... The main problem is that many in charlottesville fail to provide intertainment for the African American community. Let's not hide the issue we are black people and yes we listen to Rap, R&B, etc. As you can see John paul jons arena has only help one rap concert and I attended the concert was late starting and thank god it did b/c it waould have been a lot of upset people, due to the fact that security RMC Events had to search and wand every attendee. I also work for RMC Events before and they didn't do that for other concerts. Many feel that coming to Charlottesville may be a waste of time due to lack of people that will show up to the show and the venue. Also, many don't feel wlecome to the the racial issue. We all know that most of the summer activities are for the white race and not the black around here in charlottesville. it's bad to say that I'd rather get off of work early and drive to Richmond for their summer concert series that to drive five mins. to fridays after five in charlottesville, Charlottesville need to treat people equally and not forget that black people live here too. Don't get me wrong all races listen to all sorts of music but it all comes down to race and do we want to provide the secuirty. Well JayZ said he's would't start the show unitl everybody was in the building. A lesson learned have respect.

@Josie Wales- PREACH! Somebody said, "church" I'ma need a suit up in here!

What you said is exactly right. Thank you!

I think that it's more of that fact that charlottesville didnt really have a bigger venue to hold a group this BIG! When the Clipse dropped there first single JPJ wasnt even thought of and jeferson theater was still showing movies. A lot of people know where charlottesville is, but the police dont want to deal with the large crowds of younger adults that come out for these groups. When Jay-z and T.I. came to town JPJ was packed! Remeber it cost the police and others money to regulate big crowds!

Also why is it, when rap and r&B groups come to charlottesville the prices of tickets seem to go up! @Josie you got it on point! I was trying to say the same thing, but like you said charlottesville doesnt want to pay for that extra security.

^Ticket prices are based on artist fees, it doesn't have anything to do with the genre.

Never heard of 'em.

Charlottesville is definitely not a prime destination for rap and hip-hop artists. As a Northern Virginia native, I've been lucky to see several hip-hop artists including Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Timbaland, T.I., and T-Pain at either the Verizon Center or Nissan Pavillion (now Jiffy Lube Live). As you mentioned, the Virginia Beach area has produced a lot of hip-hop talent and those acts consistently pay homage to their hometowns, typically with concerts at the Virginia Beach Amphitheater. Kanye West's 2008 Glow in the Dark Tour, which featured VA Beach band N.E.R.D. stopped at the Amphitheater for a show, where another VA native Chris Brown also briefly appeared on stage.
I think artists and managers may view Central Virginia as more of a country music area, seeing as how many country concerts JPJ hosts and how successful they are. C-Ville is also home to Dave Matthews Band and several indie rock artists, who are featured much more in local media than hip-hop acts.
But Josie Wales is absolutely right. A large percentage of Charlottesville citizens are African American in a city that still struggles with racism. Just as Charlottesville requires more security for hip-hop concerts, the University of Virginia requires more security for black fraternity parties. It's an unfair policy that surely detracts some artists from coming here.
That being said, C-Ville has had a few big names come through in the past few years - Jay-Z, T.I., Nas, Damien Marley, DC-based Wale, and Snoop next week.
Calling Virginia Beach an "odd little nexus" for mainstream hip-hop is strange phrasing. The area has a rich tradition in R&B and jazz and was home to Ella Fitzgerald. Hampton U and Norfolk State are evidence of a thriving African American population in the VA Beach area that unsurprisingly produced talents like Missy, Timbaland, and Pharrell. Hugo Chad and Pharrell went to high school together, as did Timbaland, Pusha T, and Malice. This kind of situation - partnering with local rappers in your neighborhood and finding fame together, is pretty common in the hip-hop world. Look at Dr. Dre, Warren G., Snoop, and Nate Dogg. Look at the Hot Boys from New Orleans who had Lil Wayne, Juvenile, and Birdman.
Overall, I'm guessing that Charlottesville doesn't attract much attention from rappers, because they already do shows in 2 other VA locations: Northern VA and VA Beach. Until the city becomes more friendly towards hip-hop artists, these kinds of acts are going to be few and far between.

I'd like to see more rap and hip-hop artists. I can't always make every single show but if we had hip hop shows at half the rate of the indie shows around town, I'd come out more.

SHHO at UVA was founded on the sole principle of bringing together the hip-hop community at UVA and around Charlottesville. Get your tickets to our biggest show yet featuring the legendary duo at before the show on Saturday night! There will be limited tickets at the door.

The music scene in Charlottesville has grown incredibly in the past couple of years. Thanks to such venues as JPJ, The Jefferson, and the Pavillion; we have the ability to draw more and bigger acts to Charlottesville. Along with these venues, the eclectic group of people living in Charlottesville love to groove and get down to all kinds of music.

This event is being sponsored by SHHO and they have a lot of events to try to bring the ENTIRE community together. Lets not make this racism issue. Their organization is all about bringing people that enjoy hip-hop together.

Just a note, Skillz was actually also here in 2004 at The Roots show at U-Hall... and Chad Hugo of the Neptunes/N.E.R.D. just recently stopped by UVA with Malice of the Clipse during another SHHO-sponsored event...

As for the question, I think it's a combination of different issues. The Slick Rick incident on the Corner a few years back definitely seemed to put a damper on local hip-hop shows, but things seem to be improving, slowly but surely. Look no further than last years Nas & Damian Marley and Wiz Khalifa shows. Hopefully the trend of quality hip-hop in Charlottesville will continue.

*Make that "incident at the Slick Rick concert", as it didn't actually involve Rick himself

I don't know any songs from them but hell just give me some free freaking tickets

Why are they free?

Have you been to Virginia Beach? I wouldn't want to come to Charlottesville either... ;)

On a serious note, only 21 comments?!? Can't believe we don't have like a BAZILLION comments. I want them tickets!

The larger question is why are there not a lot of better shows at the Jefferson. Oh, wait, I figured it out when I saw how many of the bands that play are managed by Capshaw. So, if you're not into third-rate jammy bands, all the good acts will go straight from the Black Cat/9:30 to Asheville and the Orange Peel. This will be my 1st show at the Jeff, though I had tix to the canceled Neko Case and was unfortunately out-of-town for Titus Andronicus (though they did an admirable job of rocking Random Row when I caught them there).

The reason is probably two fold. Firstly, the acts hailing from the 757 are disinterested in the wahoo infested quaint town of Charlottesville. They probably don't feel as though their music appeals to the UVA community or to the community that surrounds it. Secondly, Charlottesville is a relatively small town. Frankly, there aren't many opportunities to sell out a concert in Charlottesville for a "coke-rap" duo like The Clipse or the rock infused rap group like The Neptunes. I guess C-Ville isn't as "Cultured" as its inhabitants would like to think. The 2000 Census report shows only 174,000 people in the Charlottesville Metropolitan Area and of those only 20% are minorities. I think musical acts such as those stated look into those sorts of things when making their decisions. BUT, with a little determination the Student Hip Hop Organization at UVA was able to make it happen!!!!! I for one am impressed.

When will the winners be announced?

So just because there is a small percentage of minorities in Charlottesville, this town is not cultured? Not everyone was born and raised here, a lot of people move here because of how beautiful and different Charlottesville is.

J. Taylor takes it -- enjoy the show! And thanks to everyone else for your thoughts and insights.

It's good to see that you agree with the ignorant views of some of our residents.


I wuz at da Outkast show in da late 90's at UHaul - saw my mane Trajan Langdon dere

cant belive no one when The Roots or members of Wu Tang where here in VA

in Cville even

I remember the Roots/Skillz, Wu-Tang, even Craig Mack too.

Also, Ever so often. Chuck Brown or some other Go-Go band will make an appearance.

Craig MACK was in da ville??? DAMN MANE! Anybody go to da show dis weekend???