Murder for hire? Albemarle woman charged in foiled plot

A 62-year-old Albemarle woman has been arrested and jailed on charges of attempted murder for hire and attempted arson. Police say they were dispatched to the 2800 block of McCauley Court on April 16 by the intended victim and informed of the alleged plot, which was divulged by acquaintances of the victim before it could reach fruition.

Police arrested Linda Faye McDaniel of the 800 block of Mallside Forest on two warrants and took her to the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail.

Police Sergeant Darrell Byers says McDaniel appeared in court on the morning of Monday, April 18 where bail was set at $10,000. Whether McDaniel has obtained bond to get her from jail he could not say. He says that authorities don't plan to release the name of the intended victim.

This appears to be the first major murder-for-hire plot in this area since the Patrick Shemorry case resulted in a guilty plea in 2009.


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