Huguely indicted: Murder trial set for February

As expected, the charges against George W. Huguely IV, the scion of a prominent Washington-area family accused of murdering his on-again/off-again girlfriend, have now been certified by a Charlottesville grand jury.

Bearing the signature of a citizen named Virginia Ritchie, the indictments were handed down on Monday, April 18 and released by the City of Charlottesville that afternoon. The grand jury, meeting just one week day after the case's long-delayed preliminary hearing, accuses the 23-year-old Huguely of first degree murder, robbery, burglarly, and larceny– six felonies in all.

Huguely stands accused of breaking into the 14th Street home of Yeardley Reynolds Love, a UVA women's lacrosse player and fellow fourth-year student, in order to kill her. Her unresponsive body was found by her apartment-mate on the morning of May 3.

Huguely's lawyer has termed the incident a tragic accident.

Unless Huguely and the Commonwealth agree to a plea, the eyes of the nation will descend on Charlottesville for a high-profile, two-week trial set for February 6, 2012.

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What a waste for the taxpayers. Why wait 20 months for a trial?
The justice system is screwed up.

It seems like he was angry and out of control, but what motive could he have for murder?

So much for a speedy trial...

Why shoud he get preference? Is he that privelegded? Oh, he'll have a speedy trial for sure.

His defense is that he "didn't know he killed her.........."must make it OK in the defense attorneys eyes.

He was totally drunk, and that will "make it all better".

"Tragic accident?" More like a murder,,,

@eegee -- motive? "If he couldn't have her . . . nobody else could! Figure it out!

Typical controlling alpha male hopped up on alcohol. Duh!

Just don't have time to deal with this until February 6, 2012. I'm the legal system and hopefully by the aforementioned date span I can figure this case out. Not sooner because I need to think, but later, because by then I can, hopefully, learn the law and figure out how to apply it to this case.

The sad joke of time is upon us!

If I had hired two lawyers and they could not figure this out before February 6, 2012, I would begin to wonder where my dollars were spent!

Stone Hinge was probably built in less time than the time necessary for the defense to figure out the trial in this case.

Oh! But the docket is so full. Yeah! Right!

Gosh, before the tail date, I need to do my nails, eat my muselix and drink a few cups of water....all these essential things takes time. Woah! Please push the trail back to 2013 because I might need to water my Chia Pet!

Hopefully, they will not let this aggressive alcoholic out on bail. His prior interactions with the police officer in northern VA and beating up on a fellow lacrosse teammate were strong indications of things to come. Again, UVa didn't do its job although in this particular case the arrest in northern VA was left up to self-reporting by Huguely instead of being reported to the university by the police (as now required by a new state law, as I recall). Regardless, the coach knew he had a problem and should have dumped him from the team. The delay in this apparently-straight-forward murder case makes a mockery of swift justice. At least the grand jury did its work in a timely manner e.g. one day! I can't believe that his high-profile defense attorneys can't get their acts together before next February due to their case load, holidays, etc. Every holiday that goes by (Christmas, for instance) makes the suffering even worse for the Love family and Yeardley's former teammates and friends.

Attorneys get paid by the hour... and there are LOTS of hours between now and Feb 2012! Cha-Ching$$$

Attorneys get paid by the hour... and there are LOTS of hours between now and Feb 2012! Cha-Ching$$$

The right to a speedy trial was put in the Constitution for the benefit of the accused. That one would not be held indefinitely before going to trial. But defense lawyers have turned it on its head for their purposes. They don't want a speedy trial. Almost a year after the murder before they got around to the preliminary hearing, and the trial won't take place until next year. Ridiculous!
Hope I am wrong but have a bad feeling that he'll get off like Alston did for his murder, manslaughter and lots of credit for time served.
Ah, modern civilization. Do get a feeling of satisfaction when I think of how effectively Solomon Kane would have dealt with George Huguely.

Kane? Wow, there's an unexpected Howard reference! Been a long while since I read those...

7 years, time served, employed by Daddy's business until he takes it over. Never will need to expose his murder accusation and conviction to a prospective employer.

In addition to the sickness of the crime and the sickness of the lawyer calling it an "accident", let's also remember that a few weeks after the murder, this Lacrosse team particpated in the season ending tournament. Everyone of his teammates knew what a drunken angry man he was, and yet they all looked the other way after this murder. How they had the indecency to continue their season is beyond words. Even worse, the UVA Administration let them play as well. So sick. So sad. So American. I hope a similar accident doesn't befall anyone else.