VPA's judges smile on Hook

From the Hook's Restaurant Week sponsorship to its coverage of the Biscuit Run boondoggle and the Morgan Harrington case, judges for the Virginia Press Association's annual state-wide contest bestowed kind words– and awards.

In advertising, campaigns for The Consignment House and for Restaurant Week took first place in their categories. Other winning entries included Albemarle Dermatology and the Hook-sponsored Dinner on a Dime, which brought local diners out in droves to enjoy meals for $10.

The editorial department took its share of honors, too. The Hook's extensive reporting on the Morgan Harrington case earned a second place for investigative reporting and a second place for multi-media news report. Another hit with judges was the cover story on Monticello's renovated third floor. "Rooms with a view," written by Dave McNair and featuring photography by Tom Daly and layout by art director Anne Metz, won second place in the "combination picture and story" category.

Metz also earned a third place for her work on the Hook's wedding and Green Home issues, and staff writer Dave McNair won second for his report on housing fit for aging. Hook Senior Editor Courteney Stuart and Editor Hawes Spencer shared the Harrington awards; Stuart took second place for newswriting portfolio for her stories on Forest Lakes Geese, Biscuit Run, and a new drug for ALS.


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You know what I like about "The Hook" the most? Its wide open comment form. Other news sites have "moderators" who hardly let any REAL comments through, and sometimes they're very one-sided politically. Other news require you to fill out a form and "register" before you're allowed to comment -- but that means you can probably only comment on a couple of news sites because it just takes too long to register, and how can you keep track of all of those user names and passwords? Personally, I'm only registered with two news sites, so if the article is on a different paper's site then I can't comment at all.

Not the Hook -- you post it, it's there, unless it's removed later for some reason. But at least to start, people can see your comments. That's the only way to get TRUE reader reaction.

Of course the Morgan Harrington coverage was good, too. And again, even though some people were occasionally blaming the victim, it was good to let people have their say for real. Good job, Hook!