Variety hour: Manorlady keeps debut all in the family

Manorlady Family Band is just that– a veritable family affair– with the main components consisting of husband and wife Melissa and Aaron Bailey on vocals and guitar and Melissa's younger brother, Donald, on keys. (The family vibe continues backstage with Aaron's brother producing and Melissa and Donald's sister doing the publicity photography.)

The nostalgic charm of the music and a never-say-die attitude gives the three-piece ensemble an initial appeal; but the true pull of this burgeoning Charlottesville act is the enthusiastic, if not youthful, desire for experimentation and adaptation of diverse musical interests into one lush, cohesive sound.

On their first EP, Home Away, released in 2010– they electrified classics by Radiohead, Tears For Fears, and Portishead. This time, they've meshed a collective interest in ska, punk, classical, and electronic experimentation for their debut album, Home.

With lyrics influenced by the mundane aspects of everyday life– including schedules, reality tv, and dogs– and traditional melodies morphed by technology into a raw, funky, shoegaze electronica, Manorlady has brought Charlottesville a fresh perspective on reinterpreting sound.

"It's like a Pollack painting," says Aaron, "we mixed up all the colors and threw it on a canvas, and this is what we got.

Manorlady releases its debut album, Home, Saturday, April 23, at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar. The doors open at 8pm, and tickets cost $5.

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