Snap: Action on the Rivanna River

This is actually pre-flood fun on the Rivanna River.


This kayaker almost didn't make it . Why would anyone chance this with conditions what they were ?

"The water temperature was a frigid 53 degrees. The young woman had been clinging to a tree limb in the surging Potomac River for more than half and hour. And now she could no longer feel her legs. Logs and limbs swept past her on the frothing brown torrent, and as a television helicopter camera beamed the dramatic scene live Monday afternoon, the huge, flooded river seemed ready to swallow her."

if you have never tried kayaking and whitewater play-boating you don't have room to talk. it is an extreme sport. it is demanding. it is an adrenalin rush. it is fun. why would you risk getting behind the wheel of a car every day? ( i am assuming, of course, that you do ) i think that is much more dangerous. take the time to look up the stats on the number of deaths in whitewater kayaking every year versus the number of deaths involving automobiles. you may just start boating.

Yes, I have done white water boating, and it is great fun, but with the flooding from the recent rains, to go out in those conditions was more than risky- it almost demanded there would need to be a rescue, and put the lives of those who would attempt to save you in danger as well. This is not fun this is foolish !

From the Post article above:

"Suddenly, at 2:04 p.m., a blue Montgomery County swift-water rescue boat appeared, battling upstream against the raging current. “Hurry up!” the woman cried. “I need to get out of the water!”

Water from the weekend downpours swelled the Potomac on Monday, pushing it over its banks from Harpers Ferry to Georgetown and prompting a day of rescues and evacuations."

Paddlers need to form a reasonable assessment of their skill level and limitations. Some paddlers are able to safely paddle in this type of water, many are not. All boaters should take necessary safety precautions, which include safety gear such as throw ropes, PFD's and proper attire for the water conditions.

Know your own limitations and those of the people you paddle with. Get trained on river rescue and safety skills from certified specialists.

Paddling is a healthy way to deal with stress and enjoy the outdoors. Pick up some trash on the river while you are out there. Better to paddle every day, then take pills every day.

Nancy Drew,

This is not a picture of the Potomac river, nor is this the kayaker that needed to be rescued on the Potomac. This is a picture of the Rivanna river. Every single river is different, and each are in flood at different water levels.

Every river should be judged on its own.

I do understand that, but was making the point that there are certain conditions that can turn fun to tragedy and put those who would rescue you in danger.