Fridays After Five 2011 begins at the nTelos Wireless Pavilion

It isn't summer until the annual Fridays After Five concert series, presented by Bud Light and a plethora of local sponsors, kicks off the season. With an approximately five-month run, from April 15 to September 9, the free concert series features local favorites and regional performers each Friday, providing Charlottesville with a chance to start the weekend with a bang of live music. The series is a local favorite, heralding warm-weather nights and laid-back attitudes that are sorely missed when the snow is flying. Starr Hill has announced the first half of the 2011 season's line-up, beginning with the Rock River Gypsies Friday, April 15. As always, doors open at 5pm, and the show starts around 5:30.

April 15 :: Rock River Gypsies (Bluegrass Rock n' Roll)
April 22 :: The English Channel (British Invasion Rock)
April 29 :: Teddy and the Roosevelts (Original Analog Rock and Roll)
May 6 :: Secret Sauce (Funky Jazz Rock James)
May 13 :: Gladstones (Classic Rock Done Right)
May 20 :: Downbeat Project (American Roots and Soul)
May 27 :: Soul Transit Authority (Golden Hits of Soul)
June 3 :: Love Canon (Low Fat. Bluegrass. Eighties.)
June 10 :: Beleza (Funkalicious Samba Soul)
June 17 :: Carbon Jam (Classic Rock, Reggae & Blues)
June 24 :: Corey Harris (Rasta Blues Experience)


Good music, cold beer, and fresh air!

Col. Forbin.... Good music, cold beer, fresh air.....

............... and dozens of little 14-year-old wanna be thugs terrorizing the mall!

waaaaahhhhh :(

Trust me Arpal, I am not whining. I dared the last juvenile delinquent who verbally challenged me on the downtown mall to go ahead and proceed to do what he claimed he was gonna do. As I walked towards him, he turned around and walked away while his fellow wannabe thugs, associates and friends laughed at him. He was just trying to impress a few little girls hanging around with this group, but it backfired in his face. The girls were hystericaal with laughter as he retreated.

What did he say he was gonna do?

The little wannabe thug asked for a ride. I said, "Don't think so, bud!" (Do you recall the older gentleman who gave 2 kids a ride, and they shot him in the back of the head and killed him a few years back on or near Harris Road?)

He said he was gonna (****) me up and break all the windows out of my car. I stopped, got out of my car and told him he didn't have to wait until later, do it now.

Don't worry GSOE, within 10 years Friendship Court (Garrett Square) will be high rent townhomes and condos, and since they won't be within walking distance, the mall's complexion will clear up considerably.

Setting aisde the gentrification issue for a minute..... when a person hears Friendship Court mentioned, they usually think black. This was a little white kid mouthing off and threatening me. His parents would probably be proud of his being down on the mall harassing people! I can hear his parents now, "That's my boy! You go, boy!"

Way to go Gasbag Self Ordained Expert!!! That was funny, they usually are wannabes, the real thugs aren't thinking about you, they have bigger fish to fry!!!

Most of the real deal thugs know how to behave themselves around decent people, they don't want to draw attention to themselves.

I wonder if the cellular company that bought the naming rights for the Charlottesville Pavilion showed up to introduce themselves to the community, give away a few prizes, or did their efforts to be a part of the community end when the ink dried on their check?