Senate hopeful Kaine defends Soering transfer try

In his first press conference as a U.S. Senate hopeful, former governor Tim Kaine defends his attempt to transfer convicted murderer Jens Soering back to Germany. The Lynchburg News & Advance has the story.

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He knew Soering would spend little time in jail once moved to Germany and he did it hoping it would happen under cover before anyone noticed. I didn't happen this is a indication of the type of person he is and it should tell people how he does things.

Wow, his announcement to run is like 1 week old and he is already defending himself? I thought today's campaign strategy was to attack, attack, attack (your opponent, I'm sure that will come soon enough - not that I like Allen any better).

I wonder when he will defend his Biscuit Run - looking out for his buddies - exit move shenanigans?

This is his macaca.

He's purely a politician and, therefore, is worth nothing. With him, we would still have a government shutting down. He's for the party, not the people.

“I basically decided, look, Virginia taxpayers have borne the cost of this German citizen’s incarceration for 20-plus years. I thought it was time for German citizens to bear the cost of his incarceration,” Kaine said.
Does Fluvanna pay to incarcerate people who commit crimes in Albemarle? What a pack of nonsense. Will Germany also be gracious enough to pay for Biscuit Run?