Kaine says he's running

Former governor Tim Kaine says he's in the race for the U.S. Senate after taking a couple of months to mull over a run for the seat that will be vacated by fellow Dem Jim Webb.

On the Republican side, another former governor, George Allen, wants back his old seat in the Senate that he lost to Webb in 2006.

In a campaign video, Kaine notes that as governor, "I helped lead Virginia through the toughest economy in 70 years." He also touts investments in key priorities like education, rail, cleaning the Bay, and saving open space,  which in Albemarle includes the controversial purchase of Biscuit Run as a state park.

Kaine currently is the chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

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Virginia is, if not THE, at least a major player in 2012.

Isn't he the snake that tried to sneak Jen Soering out of jail to be sent to Germany and set free. Would he be who you would want to represent you; hope not!

Just what we need, another do-nothing idiot!

Maybe Kaine will give tax credits to every homeowner with an underwater mortgage, and lead Virginia out of the housing crisis!

Kaine said he was running three weeks ago to a Richmond class. The first report was on the Schilling Show. This announcement should come as no surprise.

Kaine said he was running three weeks ago to a Richmond class. The first report was on the Schilling Show. This announcement should come as no surprise.

Thank you, Governor Kaine. One thing we do not need is the embarrassment of another term with Senator Macaca.

Just what we need, another tax and spend libtard. I guess Kaine didn't get the message from last November's election.


Instead we now have tax spend Republicons. My taxes have never gone down under the GOP, they always stay the same, or creep up, through all sorts of little regressive taxes added on to make up for the short fall. They might show up at a state level. I also see a decline in services for my tax money.

But of course, I am not some rat bag MBA who managed to bull his way to a position he wasn't fit for in BIG Business, holding share holders and taxpayers hostage to his contract, or part of the special elite 'investor' class.

Just see what a family of two with two kinds pays for taxes if they have a combined 100k in income from the trust fund, versus those bringing home a pay check. Then you will see the real reason why you never get ahead.

I'm a libertarian by nature, but at least the Democrats don't pretend they are for something they aren't, like Republicans. It's like selling the ABC franchise. I wonder which Republicans are already in line to get all the stores at discount prices. Kaine was no better handing out tax credits to failed developers.

@Old Timer: re privatization of ABC stores, at least we agree on something, although I doubt it's going to happen at all. Re the "rat bag MBAs" you refer to in private industry, they're as offensive as the incompetent crooks running Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (along with the know nothing lib politicians who support/defend them), as well as the frauds like Barney Frank, Charlie Rangel, NancyPelosi, and Harry Reid. Although as far as the actual salaries/bonuses paid to the "rat bags", what they get is peanuts compared to the corporation revenues and like a grain of sand on a beach compared to the impact of Fannie Mae, Frank, Rangel et al.

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