Elks launch farmer's market

While the Charlottesville City Market continues to search for new and better location, the folks at Elks Lodge 389, located off Stony Point Road near Darden Towe Park, may have beat them to it.

According to Lodge member Kathy Hicks, 11 vendors, many of whom also set up at the City Market, have already reserved spaces for a Tuesday (3-7pm) and Saturday (8am-1pm) Farmer's Market that will open in May, providing an alternative to the cramped locations on Water Street and Meade Avenue.

"The Meade Park location is just horrible," says Hicks. "Someone is going to get hurt down there."

As Hicks points out, there's plenty of parking for vendors and market-goers in the Lodge parking lot, and there's easy access to the large grassy area along Stony Point Road, which also provides great exposure. Hicks hopes to operate on roughly the same scale as the City Market.

Hicks says she has nine more spaces available. Payment follows an honor system, with vendors handing over 6 percent of their sales or $5, whichever is higher. For $25, vendors will also get a parking space. If you're interested in reserving a space, give Hicks a call at 434-974-1950


Looks like the City is late to the dance and may lose out big time.

Sounds great. But why is the Meade Ave. location "horrible"?

The Meade ave location for teh market is pretty bad if you have to drive through there on a wednesday afternoon while the market is in session. Its worse if you try to park. I don't even bother anymore there. I'll shop at the Elks location.

It's great to see more options. I can't stand the current Saturday morning city market--too crowded, too hard to park. Between the new Elks location on Saturday, and the Pen Park Tuesday afternoon market, I'll be happy!

Don’t they also close the Onesty Pool early during the Meade farmer’s market too? That never made a whole lot of sense to me. Why close a basically brand new, multi-million dollar swimming facility during prime swimming time?

The biggest problem with the Meade Avenue location is the fact you have some drivers who wouldn't slow down for Jesus Christ in a crosswalk. They have no regard whatsoever for the 25 mph speed limit, and could not care less that the pedestrian crosswalks are always blocked from view by large panel trucks being used to bring the goods to market.

i happen to like the Meade ave location. And while the Water st. location is not ideal you will not find me driving out to Darden Towe instead. Maybe this will nudge the city into coming up with a permanent location.

Come visit the Forest Lakes Farmer's Market, also on Tuesday afternoons, 4-7 PM on Ashwood Boulevard, north on Route 29. Produce, meats, prepared foods, crafts, etc. We do not charge the vendors anything to participate as we want them to get full value for their efforts.

The Saturday Farmers Market downtown is fantastic! Big deal if you can't park as close as you want. Just walk a minute or tow from your garage and you have about 100 food, produce and craft stall to visit.
Meade Park is not nearly as good and the busy street is really a drag, but there are a lot of people living around there who walk over to shop. They don't need to park.
Good luck to the Elks, but there's no way they'll get the number and quality of vendors that the Saturday Farmers Market has.

I am going to the Elks Market. I am tired of people breathing down my neck and stepping on my feet at the downtown market. Meade Avenue is a hassle as well. I imagine Fashion Square will be a viable option for a Farmer's Market in the near future.

marketeer wrote:
Good luck to the Elks, but there's no way they'll get the number and quality of vendors that the Saturday Farmers Market has.

I disagree, you have to remember the Elks market will be right across from Darden park, and on Saturday morning, Darden is crowded with the youth soccer league. Also, it's just a short walk, or drive from the Pantops area....give it time and it will build an audience...