Served raw: Hartman chews the fat with foodies

Fancy head chef turned pit master Craig Hartman has now cooked up an "unscripted and raw" podcast interview series called Chew the Fat. He'll be talking with talented chefs, winemakers, farmers, and other food artisans for a weekly podcast on to be posted every Sunday night.

"The goal of these podcasts is to give the listener access to the depths of these folks' hearts as it relates to their work," says Hartman. "This knowledge, I hope, will change the way that you look at your next meal."

Posted now, an interview with chef Melissa Close Hart, a five-time James Beard Award nominee, from Palladio Restaurant at Barboursville Vineyards. Check it out at


Thank you for the interview even if I have never been a fan of Palladio's food; been twice and there is a lack of finesse for what it is called "fine dining".

The pastry guy need to watch the sugar (Tarte Tatin way too sweet and the same for poached pear).

kevin is a jerk for talking down this great chefs efforts, this is not the topic at hand

GO CRAIG AND MEL! yall are tops! hello from san diego, Jaison