538 more offers: UVA grows toward Governor McDonnell's goal

They're no longer waiting for the proverbial fat envelope, but 7,750 high school seniors– 538 more than last year– have cause for joy as UVA issued its annual offers of admission. The deed was done online on Friday, March 25, as UVA attempts to heed governor Bob McDonnell's call to expand.

UVA hopes to get an entering class this fall of 3,360 students, 120 more than last year, as it expands enrollment by 1,500 students over five years. According to a UVA release, the governor asked Virginia colleges to award 100,000 additional degrees by 2026.

About 32 percent of the 24,005 seniors who applied for admission, the same percentage as last year, won acceptance.

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And the same number or more jobs at UVA have been eliminated. The message to staff and faculty - do more with less. You cannot increase the number of students, decrease the number of staff, and maintain the same quality of education.

Welcome to the real world, Teacher.

Teacher Ill bet you work real hard don't you? If you went to work in the real world bet you and most academics would be living with thier parents cause they wouldn't have jobs.But you would have that coveted UVA degree wouldn't you?

Teachers do work hard. They do 80 hours a week plus during the school year, and most I know had to work in the summer time to make ends meet. Few of you folks work 80 hours a week for what teachers get compensated for.

Awesome! 538 more poindexters to laugh at!

Old Timer You show me a teacher (professor ) who "works" 80 hrs and Ill show you someone cheating on thier time card. Teachers ;yes academia - nuts (professors) never. That is of course unless thier working on a multimillion dollar project that will net them a mil or 2 with the help of some low paid TA or student .

How to save some money:

UVA basketball coach salary - $1,700,000 a year. No postseason play in 2011.

VCU basketball coach salary - $325,000 a year. Final Four NCAA in 2011.

Do I hear comments from some resentful people that couldn't get into UVA?
I bet that VCU coach will be getting a nice raise. Congrats to him and his team!

There's no such word as "thier."

The people who slam teachers obviously don't know too many actual teachers or have any idea of their actual workload. The university professors I know work their butts off teaching, researching, writing, and traveling. The teachers in public school systems have a thankless, draining job--most people would fail miserably at trying to teach math to a bunch of 6th graders. Before you whine and complain about teachers, take a few minutes to think about what they do. I'd far rather see my tax dollars go to teacher salaries and school infrastructure than to bloated, wasteful defense contractors fighting pointless wars.

oh, and "idontknowanything..."--your incoherent, poorly punctuated ramblings show that you never spent much time in school. Maybe you should go back and learn a little bit about how the process works.

Also, the vast majority of university teaching postions aren't the cushy "tenured professor" position any more. Those days are long gone, pretty much nationwide.

You people that are always complaining about what other people make, why don't you do what they are doing?
So the governor wants to turn our colleges into degree mills. Maybe the new students will be moved to the Wise campus.