Michael Vick only sorry he got caught

I am really having a hard time with the Sports Doctor. [November 25: "Giving thanks: Three cheers for two good sports"]

Michael Vick has no remorse for what he did to those dogs. His only regret is that he got caught. Never once has Vick said he is sorry for what he did to the dogs. He still should be sitting in jail.

Juanita Giles and anyone interested in the Vick dog-fighting story should read the book The Lost Dogs. You can read how Vick and his thugs tortured and killed the dogs by swinging them around by their front and back legs and repeating this as they threw the dogs against the wall until they died.

Or throwing them into the pool with jumper cables attached to them and electrocuting them. There were claw marks on the side of the pool where the dogs tried to get out.

And you say shame on me for not forgiving him. I say shame on you for asking me.

Gail Lowe


So why wait 4 years to bash him? Sour grapes.

I thought it was the National Football League not the Natioal Felon League. The real victims are Jane, Big Boy, Maniac, Zebro, Cleo, Seal, Magic, Tiny, Too Short and Chico. They are the dogs, that were drowned, electrocuted, hung, raped and forced to fight to the death. Also authorities found the bodies of numerous kittens, puppies and other small dogs that were used in training exercises. The agonizing cries of his victims should outweigh any cheers or support for their killer.


Who raped a dog? What are you talking about?

Stupid off-topic question: I heard about a place on Ivy Road called "SJ's"--anyone know what that place is?

If you feel that strongly, maybe you should work to change the law to increase the minimum amount of time served for animal cruelty. He did his time. He doesn't need anyone's forgiveness anymore.