New onions, new ticket, new copper

Onions sprout amid a traffic ticket and a partially-installed copper roof for the office building known as "Old Ivy Commons," located at 2496 Old Ivy Road but seen from Ivy Road.


LOL. Gotta love it when you see an old Volvo 245 pulled over. For what, speeding?

At least this looks like the real thing - officer in police car, dressed for the job. Not so in Louisa where an impersonator has been tailing women in a car decked with blue flashing lights.

It's probably a tail light that's out. Our old volvo couldn't go three days without burning out one of the tail lights.

Is there a purpose in this article I don't get it?

Hardcore journalism for sure! This isn't news.

What slow news day!? Come on you can do better that this High School journalism class stuff can you?

Here's a story - copper roof ?
Where is the Nature Conservancy when we need them ? Shouldn't they be promoting green roofing material for the health of our local streams and rivers ?

"Although it is difficult to predict the fate of copper in roof runoff, it is clear that copper in the runoff is in concentrations known to be toxic to aquatic life. Currently, there are no practical or effective ways to prevent copper from washing off of copper roofs or to remove copper from roof runoff. Therefore, in August 2002, the City of Palo Alto adopted an ordinance prohibiting the use of copper-containing roofing materials, shingles, and gutters in new buildings, and to prohibit their use for replacement of roofs except in historic buildings. "

New Palo Alto Ordinance Prohibits Copper Roofing Materials -

Environmentalist Man its a good thing that we dont live in Paloalto We'd be SOL if we did . Did they also outlaw pennies?

Sometimes an image is just an image, not a story, but often that makes us uncomfortable and we seek a narrative to give life meaning.

I wish I could get the good stuff like NancyDrew so everything I say could sound just as brain damaged.

@cruncher- wishing you well.

A Time of Gifts
By Stephen Jay Gould
Published: September 26, 2001

Good and kind people outnumber all others by thousands to one.


By the way, evil people prosper when good citizens bury their heads in the sand or act like lobotomy patients like you and deny their existences because you're too oblivious to recognize them. I am unsurprised that you reference an emotional piece of fluff written in a highly emotional time as some sort of guideline, your intellectual prowess wouldn't wet the tip of a dipstick much less inspire actual thought.

Sean is back with a pseudonym it seems.

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