Scream-worthy: Graeter's takes Charlottesville

Buckeyes are already familiar with Graeter's, the fourth generation family-owned Cincinnati ice creamery. Foodies may have heard Emeril Lagasse and Bobby Flay extol its virtues. Since it's now available at Kroger, the rest of us can give it a taste.

Never ones to turn down offers of free ice cream, the Hook staff savored the Mocha Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Chocolate Chip, and tried unsuccessfully to wrest the Butter Pecan from an unrepentant colleague who ate the whole pint.

The secret to its sumptuousness is something called the French-pot method, in which the ice cream is made in two-gallon batches with, naturally, all-natural rich-as-sin heavy cream and cane sugar.

"I like it because it's custard style and creamy," says Rob Myers, whose father's family is from Ohio. He'd heard of the legendary ice cream, and when it became available at Kroger's, he was there. His favorite? Black raspberry.

Graeter's makes 24 flavors and 13 seasonal flavors, and sells for $4.29 a pint. Umm, where's the vanilla?






This Buckeye says "Graeter's is goooooooooooooood." Wait for the peppermint to come out at Christmas time. Yum.

I'm from Cincinnati... highly recommend the mint chocolate chip or the toffee chip! I will be going to Krogers tomorrow to stock up!

Graeter's ice cream, the best in the world! Their chocolate chip is to die for--although the "chips" are the size of boulders!

Get a grip- it's ice cream.........

Wow Harry your life must be sooo serious good thing you aren't too busy to take a moment to rain on everyone else's good time...what a jerk.

Anyways all we need is skyline now!!! The Black Raspberry Chip and Coconut is on point.

Harry you are still a miserable human being..I mean seriously why even leave a comment if you are going to be a jerk, go be a jerk in the comments section of serious stories.

We in here talkin' bout ice cream!

As a recent explant from the Ohio River Valley area, I was very sad to leave Graeter's behind. They had several ice cream stores where I lived (since closed... ), but was thrilled when they announced an expansion to sell Grater's in Charlottesville Krogers'. As to "what's special about it", it's incredibly rich (but not overly creamy like Cold Stone, etc.) and made with real ingredients. It's hard to explain, but the flavors are just awesome.

Unfortunately they have not released their full lineup just yet. The Mint Chocolate Chip was one of my favorites, but I would love to see Buckeye Blitz, Almond Chocolate Fudge, and my all time favorite, Blueberry Pie.

They also have the BEST pumpkin ice cream on the planet. I will squeal like a schoolgirl if their seasonal flavors make it over here.

how about some donatos?
i could go for some good pizza in this town!

Where's the vanilla? It's in the photo you provided with the article. Duh.

Hard-hitting journalism.

Donato's is okay; LaRosa's Pizza would be fantastic though. You can get frozen Skyline at Kroger's now. I'd kill for a Skyline restaurant here. :-/

Sampled my first bit of Graeter's today it was De-Lish!

The food here sucks. I welcome any and all imported Ohio food. Cassano's... Frisch's... Marion's... Subby's... Max and Erma's... Gold Star.... Camp Washington Chili... let's not forget Ester Price!

Why don't you move to Ohio since the food here sucks.

@ Rambo, it's cause all of Ohio sucks. I had the misfortune of going to college there, hope to never go back. That said, we don't have much food here to rave about, but when I'm in need I just jump on the Starlight Express and eat my way around the big apple.