Biscuit Run good for the locals

For the sake of argument (and I am not agreeing with your argument), let's say that you are right, that the taxpayers are getting hosed. [January 6 cover story: "Bad men? New numbers show spiraling cost of Biscuit Run," January 13: "Heat is on: AG says Biscuit Run deal under scrutiny"]

But remember, the local taxpayers, your readers, are getting a bargain, as their portion of cost for the state park is small compared to the amenity received. Yes, the rest of the state might be paying for our park, but I can tell you about thousands of items that I pay for in taxes on which I get hosed– defense contracts that have fat in them, timber subsidies, etc.

This is the first time I can remember that we (you, me, my friends) get a benefit; and you are pissing on it. Your articles are creating publicity and doubt in Richmond. So now, with your help, maybe the state bends to your argument and the investors of Biscuit Run get less.

If Hunter Craig, Coran Capshaw, and the rest do not do well, that hurts our community. If my neighbors do well, I do well. You are doing wrong by your readership and to yourself.

Lane Bonner

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This letter is a complete load of self-serving, elitist c-r-a-p: Mr. Bonner. Once upon a time the Craig's and Capshaw's of the world made profits by their good decisions and were penalized by their bad decisions. That is how the system works. This Biscuit Run deal was incompetence, greed, and overreach from the get go. Craig and Capshaw should suffer the consequences of their bad decisions and not make Virginia taxpayers participate in their business agenda which is privatized profits and socialized losses.