Chief should note malaise at old P.D.

As a long time resident of Fairfax County now living in Afton (recently Greenwood), I am a bit perplexed by newly hired Deputy Police Chief Steve Sellers characterization of the Fairfax County Police Department (FCPD) as "highly regarded, ethically sound." [The Hook, online Monday Dec 13, 2010, printed in issue #0950]

After many questionable acts by the FCPD, the citizens of Fairfax County were moved to create a Citizens Coalition at their own expense to gain some control over the police and get explanations that were not forthcoming from the department.

Some of the actions resulted in deaths to County residents, and even family members were not able to get satisfactory answers from the police. I have no evidence of Mr. Sellers's personal involvement, but the charges go beyond just a "few bad cops" and point the finger at a department-wide involvement in covering up information.

That said, I believe a comment from Mr. Sellers on the subject would be appropriate.

Rob Tureman