Property transfers


Judith M. Cangialosi to Harold W. Hodson Jr., 522 Jester Lane, Camelot, $205,500.
Isabelle B. Kaye, trustee, to Judith Cangialosi, condominium unit at 1178 Partridge Lane, Branchlands Retirement Village, $230,000.
Douglas E. Barrese to Derek D. Frazier, 209 Brentwood Road, Woodbrook, $230,000.
Malinda D. Peasley to Stephan Fuchs, 1273 Maple View Drive, Willow Lake subdivision, $15,000.
Marblehead LLC to Gaffney & Associates LLC, 944 Glenwood Station Lane, Glennwood Station, $335,800.
John D. Griffin to Douglas E. and Eleanor C. Barrese, 2.196 acres at 299 Field Pine Lane, Crozet, $401,000.

James P. Cox III, special commissioner, to Dilmer R. Morris, 6774 Markwood Road, Earlysville, $260,500.
Laurel Park Investments LLC to Roxann Wendel, 4015 Redwood Lane, Laurel Park, Earlysville, $257,500.

Diane Lamb, ex., to Theresa Baber, parcel in Rivanna Magisterial District, $36,000.
Mary Alise Cosby Snyder to Jason J. Ness and Elizabeth C. Korab, 384 Wildwood Court, $285,500.

Elizabeth A. Meyer to Joshua Malone, 260 Commonwealth Drive, Berkeley, $231,400.
Carriage Hill I Condominiums LLC to Karen A. Hinrichs, 820 Beverley Drive, Claremont at Carriage Hill, $197,000.
Mystic Ridge LLC to Sophie Investments LLC, condominium unit at 505 Facuconer Drive, Madison Park, $185,000.
NVR Inc. to Inchan Kwon, 2540 Montgomery Ridge Road, Montgomery Ridge, $500,194.

Mary Lou Long to Stephen D. Cunningham, 5.02 acres at 4632 Richmond Road, Keswick, $345,200.
Charles W. Hurt, trustee, to William R. and Anne L. Nelson, 4.3620 acres at 1620 Fray’s Ridge Court, Fray’s Grant subdivision, $239,500.
Howard Thomas Hackman to Anne R. Niedermayer, 2095 North Pantops Drive, Ashcroft, $455,000.
Lenwood Johnson Sr. to Charl DuPlessis, condominium unit in Turtle Creek, $140,200.
Kurt D. Goodwin to James A. Browne, 3156 Darby Road, Glenmore, Keswick, $735,000.
Margaret A. Cohen to Michael P. Muro, 3105 Ragged Ridge Lane, Blue Springs Farm, $1,453,800.

Jarman’s Gap Dental Office LLC to Commonwealth of Virginia, 0.028 acres, $8,890.
James L. Sniadecki to Commonwealth of Virginia, 93 square feet, $8,880.
Gregory S. Davis to Jeffrey Bloem, 820 Harris Road, Willoughby, $276,600.
John A. Johnson to Gregory S. Davis, 3.70 acres on State Route 20, $105,000.
Osa K. Snead to Cat Eye LLC, condominium unit at 162 Harvest Drive, Huntington Village, $230,000.
Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Association, parcel in Whippoorwill Hollow, $582,400.
Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Association, parcel, $229,100.

Charles W. Hurt, trustee, to Laurel Park Investments LLC, Lots 27-42 Laurel Park subdivision, $1,120,000.
Phyllis J. Smith, trustee, to Inglewood LLC, parcel in Bellaire subdivision, $675,000.
Cary P. Wright, trustee, to Castle Hill Holdings LLC, 13.32 acres, $235,500.
Stephen J. Bickston to Talissa A. Altes, 3165 Dundee Road, Arbor Park, Earlysville, $542,500.
Big Deal:

Margaret A. Cohen to Michael P. Muro, 3105 Ragged Ridge Lane, Blue Springs Farm, $1,453,800.