Addendum to tragedy: How far is Charlottesville from North Anna?

On Wednesday, March 16, U.S. officials warned American citizens living in Japan to evacuate to points beyond a 50-mile radius of Japan's damaged and radiation-leaking Fukushiima nuclear reactors. Interestingly, Charlottesville lies well within a 50-mile radius of Dominion Virginia Power's North Anna facility, according to this Google Map. Made by a Hook journalist, the map indicates that the direct, or as-the-crow-flies distance, between the Downtown Mall and the two reactors on the shore of Lake Anna is about 38 miles.

As first reported by NBC29, the North Anna facility has been ranked the 7th-most "at risk" among America's 104 nuclear plants.

Some have pointed out, however, that Central Virginia's prevailing winds come from the west, giving Charlottesville a measure of protection from nuclear fallout. The same cannot be said for Fredericksburg, which lies about 24 miles northeast of North Anna.
Notes: story updated 7:25am March 17 with "at-risk" detail, and spelling of word "interestingly" corrected. updated again at 9:38am Monday, March 21 with detail about prevailing winds.
On Tuesday, Hook reporter Courteney Stuart explored the topic of North Anna nuclear safety in the event of a Central Virginia earthquake. (Commenting is allowed at that story.)