Wrong-way Hogberg sentenced to two-plus years

Wrong-way drunk driver Michael Dennis Hogberg gets a two-year, three-month sentence March 15 from Albemarle Judge Cheryl Higgins. Hogberg is the man who burst onto the scene in 2009 as a seemingly sympathetic figure after a Taser-happy Albemarle cop zapped the handcuffed man as he tried to run from a football game booze arrest. But within months, Hogberg was back in the news, arrested for eluding and driving the wrong way on Interstate 64. The 26-year-old eventually pleaded guilty to eluding, driving on a revoked license, and– perhaps most chilling– getting his third drunk-driving conviction. The Daily Progress covered his sentencing hearing.

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Stupid Hokie.

And how do you know he didn't go to school at UVA? or another state school?