Fallen airman honored at Arena

Friends, family, and public officials gathered at 1pm March 9 at the Main Street Arena in Charlottesville to remember the life of Greene County airman Zachary Cuddeback, who was murdered March 2 at the Frankfurt Airport in Germany. Cuddeback was a 21-year-old Airman First Class in the United States Air Force who died, along with another Airman, after an Albanian man described as a Muslim extremist fired shots at the servicemen in a bus.

Note: This caption was rewritten from the future to the past tense for the Hook's print edition, and for accuracy the word "airman" was substituted for the word "soldier" in the headline and other copy.


Fly Fight Win Zachary
God Bless and Thank You

This young man's loss in the service of his country is sadly mourned in our town today. Young people all over the world representing America are in danger of meeting a similar fate. War is no longer just being fought on battlefields with conventional weapons. May we all work to end wars and the hatred that fuels them. It was this hatred of America in a young man's heart that is reported in today's NYT to have motivated this attack.


The headline is inaccurate. Members of the Air Force aren't soldiers, they're airmen. Members of the Army are soldiers.

I thought this ugly monstrosity was called The Pavillion?

When did the name change to The Arena?

The Arena is on the opposite end of the mall, the former Ice Park. From what I've read, Airman Cuddeback was a hockey enthusiast and spent many hours at the Ice Park enjoying the sport he loved. God bless the memory of Zachary Cuddeback, a young many who was willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice for his country, and God bless those who love him.

Ahh, I see. Thanks. Wasn't aware of the name change.

(People I speak with in passing still call it the Ice Park)

I'm not surprised Nancy is a NYT devotee. Don't confuse yourself with the facts.

Nancy Drew must have some trouble with English, just like every bloated schmuck who thinks that enlistees are even remotely involved in defending this nation--she links to this:
"Mr. Uka told investigators that he had acted alone and that he had decided to carry out the attack after seeing a video on YouTube that apparently showed American soldiers raping a girl in Afghanistan."

ALL of the U.S's overseas occupations, bases, and corporate-driven installations are nothing more honorable than "nanny-state" make-work.

Maybe Westboro's onto something.

Like the new slogan...... "PORK.....Be Inspired!"

The global muslim population is estimated at 1.57 billion, maybe we should not listen so much to the racist teatards when electing the people who will determine whether or not our nation will continue this war.

TJ, if you're so wrapped up with what Muslims think, then why don't you move to Indonesia, Iran or Syria.
Those "teatards" will likely be the ones who save your sorry "libtard"@ss if Jihad ever officially comes to America.
The war needs to be fought to WIN, not to gain political credibility and popularity...

My heart is breaking for Zack's family - I can't imagine the sadness they feel. He apparently was a really fine young man and soldier. No one deserves this.
I will be hoping and praying for you.

Thanks for the correction. Cuddeback is still referred to as a "soldier" in the text.

So FF433 , who would make Jihad "official?" Are you so uninformed about Islam that you think there is Pope or something? Maybe an Office of Making Jihads Official?

Ever stop to count up how many Muslims have been killed in the past 3 decades as a direct result of American policies and military action? The numbers pretty clearly show that people like you are a far greater threat to the average Muslim than the average Muslim is to anyone else.

Yes, cookieJar, you're exactly right. We, miserable infidels that we are, should just lay down our arms, apologize profusely and convert to Islam. Those who are unwilling should simply prepare to be beheaded by practitioners of "The Religion Of Peace". You must also regret all the Germans and Japanese who died as a result of our aggression during WWII.
Not to mention the 19 Muslims who had to perish during their righteous acts on 9/11.