Thanks for the water stories

It is long overdue to thank the Hook and editor Hawes Spencer for shining the light on the curious matter of our community water proposal.

For over three years, on more than seventy occasions, the Hook has been a reliable source and beacon of light in its reporting on this most divisive issue.

This water proposal was developed by an appointed board, the Rivanna Water & Sewer Authority, in collaboration with a private organization, The Nature Conservancy, both of which apparently feel emboldened to speak and act ex cathedra in the matter of our community water needs.

Our city's questions, reservations, and proposals concerning the water "plan" have been consistently pushed aside, denied, tabled, and marginalized. Our city's efforts to voice approval for dredging and phasing the dam, and our demand for answers to questions of cost have been met with obfuscation and resistance.

Mr. Spencer and the Hook have extended the scope of questions and continue to cover the biggest public project in Charlottesville history better and more than any other publication. A debt of gratitude is owed, and I celebrate the Hook's journalistic integrity, which is sorely and completely absent in our largest local paper.

We measure our elected officials by the qualities of courage, judgment, integrity and dedication they show while in office. Their handling of the water "plan" will define their term of service, for better or for worse.

For the families on Page Street, on Montrose Avenue, on Greenbrier Drive, on Cherry Avenue, and other byways, we can ask for no less than a full commitment by our city officials to fix the water "plan" and keep our city strong. And the continuing investigation by a free and unfettered press is crucial toward attaining that goal and keeping our City Councilors responsive to the needs of our citizens.

Richard Statman

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