Love Canon

Love Canon

80's covers performed on acoustic instruments by members of local bluegrass fiends Old School Freight Train


Having finished rolling over in my grave, I must tell you that Old School Freight was hardly a bluegrass band. They would tell you as much. Love Cannon has two of OSFT members, plus two other amazing musicians that should get as much or more press. Improve please.

So sorry to disturb your eternal slumber, sir.

Run and especially Six Years really moved them in a more contemporary direction, but OSFT most certainly were at one point something approaching bluegrass. Progressive spins always irk the purists, which I personally am not, so the implication here that the term is wholly inadmissible feels needlessly extreme to me given their roots. I mean, I suppose I can understand the perspective, but in a "Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha isn't coffee" sort of way.

(Having said that, count me among those who pitches a fit every time someone refers to the Flecktones as bluegrass. Just a line in the sand, I guess.)