Wrong caption on fire story

Due to a production error, the photo of the burned-down barn shown on page 13 of last week's issue was given the wrong caption. The online version of the story had the right captions.


You ever notice that Firemen got it easy? Sure, they have to work when there is a fire, but how often is that? Most of the time they seem to be at the grocery store. And Teachers? Forget about it! They just hang out all day with our kids and GET PAID FOR IT!!! Not fair...

Hey, Angry at unfairness-do their jobs just one day & I think you'll change your point of view.

To Angry at unfairness. If you think these 2 professions have it made, why don't you get a job working for either one of them then?

Some bunnies like cops, but I think Firemen rule!!!!

Well, Hose Clamp, you brought the subject up...... you just had to do it..... bad move!

Cops spend most of their working hours looking for badge bunnies inbetween answering calls. It's a much easier job than being a fireman or teacher.

And in the For What It's Worth departmen, none of the 3 professions are in the Top 10 of most dangerous jobs.

"Angry", you're also ignorant. Most of the firemen are volunteers who get paid nothing. My husband is one of them. He worked those wildfires for two days, losing his own work time. I rarely post comments, but yours really ticked me off.

Hey all, I think Angry was being sarcastic, after the stupid and dishonest big move by the Governor of Wisconsin. Just like the dweeb that got elected in Virginia. Let's blame the state employees for the massive tax breaks handed out. Yeah.

I'm forever amazed by the magical ability of Koch-owned Republicans like the Governor of Wisconsin (and our own "dweeb") to convince voters to cast their ballots against their own interests. In a few more years the glorious middle-class of America will have disappeared completely, leaving our country asymmetrically divided between obscenely rich and the penniless poor.

Eat the rich...

I think Angry left of the snark tags...or is a troll...or heck, both.

@Scott: Huh?

Wow-- if the comments are any indication there is a serious sarcasm gap effecting the residents of the Charlottesville area. This lack of ability to process sarcasm could lead to more serious issues such as complete absence of a sense of humor. As a Doktor in the Forbidden Sciences and a licensed Minister in the SubGenius Foundation I suggest that those who are unable to detect sarcasm or are already lacking in a sense of humor immediately research the SubGenius Foundation and seek assistance.

Afton res,

Sure, some are volunteers, but some are grossly overpaid, even to the point of bankrupting the towns they work for.


Department heads, cops and firemen have been grossly overpaid for the last 15 to 20 years, based upon the actual amount of work they actually do. I couldn't believe what I was looking at when Virginia state salaries were published a few months ago in the media and I looked up a lot of state troopers I know. Some of the first sergeants and lieutenants are making $80,000 to $100,000 annually. This is absurd.


People took it seriously beause what is going on is serious. We are facing a real danger of coming apart entirely in the next few years, with whatever protections are left for those who shop for jobs are gone. Just like the Conservation garbage, the continuous siphoning of wealth into the super wealthy, away from the poor, while we remove the ability for people to move between classes, we are seeing the death of our nation.

Gasbag, you'll never be a real cop, so don't worry about what cops are making. You are just envious cause you ain't one!!

You are correct. At my age, I will never be a cop, state trooper or deputy sheriff again. The chances of my ever being a fireman aren't even slim to none, they are none to none. The firemen have a pretty hard and dangerous job when they actually have have to go to work and suppress a structure fire.

And you're right, I do envy a job where I have to punch a clock every day, answer to numerous command personnel, and be blamed when THEY need a convenient scapegoat to blame their mistakes in judgement on. If you recall in the latest sex scandals in the county cop shoppe, it's always the man lowest in the food chain who get terminated. The command staff gets a smack on the wrist, if that. Yes, I envy all of this.

Should I stop worrying about department heads and firemen too? Or were you just here to defend your boys in blue?

Most of the girls I know are giving up on the cops. They are dumb and mean. and married. Firemen are cool. I hear teachers are awesome. dunno

I hear that Iheartejade got shut down. What happened?

@GSOE - I had a similar reaction just looking at those - I'm also a state employee - doing a job that requires a high level of skills and a high level of education. On the other hand, I don't face the same types of risks that a state trooper does and I will be able to work for many more years (not sure how to evaluate that). I honestly have no idea if our salaries really are too high or not.

I think the real question with any of these jobs - teachers, professionals, cops and firemen - is: can you get quality people for the money you're willing to pay? How competitive are our salaries for these various fields? And you have to make that comparison based on a few things - local cost of living, working conditions, etc. We already have real difficulties hiring math and science public school teachers - or at least, hiring people with a background in math or science - to teach those subjects at the salaries we currently pay. Yes, the private schools are able to find those people - often for less money - but it's not an apples-to-apples comparison - the working conditions are not the same.

I know there was a move to evaluate salaries in my field against studies/databases of similar folks in the "private sector" (often gov't contractors). My employer was all hot and bothered to dangle promises of potential 'merit' pay increases - for some employees - in exchange for the certain loss of some benefits for all employees who opted into the plan. This exercise was supposed to help amass data in support of their case. Of course, what they immediately uncovered was how egregiously bad salaries were - such that even if you accept the right-wing trope that public employee benefits are gilded, the overall compensation package was less than the private sector.

I suspect that you'd find this to be the case with a great deal of Virginia State employees (I'm not sure there is a true private sector labor market for public safety workers, Libertarian fantasies of fee-for-service private governments aside - can you imagine what it would be like if the only government we had is like your HOA?). I suspect this is true for many more states than just Virginia and candidly I think it's the objective of the 'reformers' - drive compensation into the ground and let adverse selection work it's magic on (drive out the best) public employees (and "government").

I think you have to ask the question: can we contract out these services and if we do contract them, can you get the same level/quality of service at the same or lower price? The state's recent boondoggle with VITA (our pro-business IT-guru Governor Warner's baby) and the big non-delivery and cost-overrun scandal with Northrup-Grumman are one good piece of evidence in answering that question. The other very instructive piece were the multiple evaluations of the ABC system - when everyone across the political spectrum came to realize that it's cheaper for state employees to sell the alcohol in state run stores - and the retail sector is about as not-inherently-governmental an area as you could possibly get into. In other words, the privatizing trope is...just a trope.

Mr/Mrs/Miss Citizen, iheartejade still works for me. ????

But from the looks of her last post, I suspect she's finally gotten tired of them all sampling the cookies and then criminally charging her just to shut her up, or criminally charging her just to get rid of her when they move on to the next batch of cookies.

Scott, I can assure you most cop shoppes aren't currently getting competent or quality employees even though the salary and benefits package is quite attractive now. Do you realize how many of these new rookies rush home after work and flip on their video games? They play so many violent video games that they take this to the streets with them the next day. Another way to guage what they are getting is to visit any of the cop shoppe forums online and read some of the stuff these guys post daily. IMHO, most of these guys would be canned if their supervisors could suceesfully identify them online and read what some of them post. Police brutality is alive and well in the online cop shoppe forums. The "us vs them" mentality shines through too.

I can't wait to see the "Corrections Special Issue", should be a doozie.

Another way to guage what they are getting is to visit any of the cop shoppe forums online and read some of the stuff these guys post daily.

I've actually done that and yes, I'm not terribly surprised, and in a way, I'm kind of glad they aren't the sharpest tacks in the box either.

The "us vs them" mentality shines through too.

Oh yes, no doubt at all. I'm one of those card-carrying ACLU types.

I really just don't know, WRT law enforcement, how out of line our salaries are (ie: I'm ignorant, not challenging what you say), but I wanted to make the larger point about salaries in general.