Commercial Construction Permits


Main Street Associates LLC, 212 E. Main Street (home to Siips Wine and Champagne Bar), interior renovations, $5,089, hospitality including restaurants and hotels.

Waterhouse LLC, 218 W. Water Street, office bank professional, $5,800,000, business

East Mall, LLC, 401 East Main Street (former Enoteca space), interior renovations, $50,000, business

Richmond, Joseph Jr., et al, trustees, 218 W. Main Street, additions alterations non-residential, $10,000, business

Crazyladynlads, LLC, 608 Preston Avenue [Old King Lumber Building], tenant upfit, $100,000, business, Contractor: Motor Specialty Company Inc.

853 West Main, LLC, 853 W. Main Street [VDH Childrens Specialty Services], replace roof covering, $19,110.

Han, Sang Sik and Yong Hui Brown, 1718 Hydraulic Road Ste AA, tenant upfit, $9,000, retail.

Federal Realty Investment Trust, 2162 Barracks Road [Peter Chang's China Grill], additions alterations non-residential, $65,000.

Albemarle County

University of Virginia Foundation, North Fork Pump Station, masonry building for pump control equipment, $30,000

Garfinckel, Brooks Brothers, Miller & Rhoads, Inc., c/o Simon DiBortollo Group, tenant upfit for Bare Essentials, Fashion Square Mall, $125,000

Cavalier Country Bank c/o BB&T Property Tax Compliance, addition of a new drive-up kiosk on the outer island of existing drive-through, replace light fixture and remove existing ATM, $13,200

Wood, L.F., Jr. and Patricia E., tenant upfit for Charlottesville Power Equipment, $8,000

Stallings, Preston O., above ground tank behind Blue Ridge Builder Supply, $3,500.

Tallard, Gilbert R or Edda [Turk Mountain Vineyards], stone building for vineyard, $100,000,

Crozet Shopping Center LLC, direct replacement of oil furnace, $9,000.

Virginia Land Trust; Charles Wm Hurt and Shirley L. Fisher, trustees, tenant upfit for The Birthing Place P.C.