Heavy rains, flooding possible for Sunday

The National Weather Service has issued an advisory warning Central Virginians that the rainfall predicted for Sunday, March 6 could be so heavy that it causes some streams to overflow their banks with flooding possible, particularly in the Potomac highlands.


Guess this will give Mr. Thomas Frederick, Director of Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority, the opportunity to levy hefty charges on the sewer ratepayers, claiming rain water infiltration.

Quite a racket he has going, if people use less water at the tap decreasing water revenues, he just charges them more on the sewer side, but folks get smart it's all one bill water and sewer.

Maybe now the rich and famous McMansion Land Barons can finish their brush burning without killing 800 ac of brush

This was an accurate forecast. Power outages in the area, and street flooding in the City.

Rain, Rain. Rain makes the corn grow, corn makes whiskey, whiskey makes my girlfriend frisky. Rain!

Accurate forecast. West Leigh experienced a 4hr power outage this morning, and some flooding along county roads and city streets.

Where was this all winter when we could have used some snow to soak in. Now most of it will just run off.

But yeah, RWSA will be all unhappy about their claims on needing a new dam for drought. Gosh, how mother nature just puts a big kabosh on so many theories. Can't wait until the Hook gives us more on how we are all being screwed, even many County residents over this deal.

@ on the road 33: so you're the other country music fan who also reads the HooK? - didn't think there were as many as 2.