Chang finally returns

The wait is over. Elusive chef Peter Chang has returned, bringing his special brand of Szechwanese cuisine with him. Chang's work was on full display at an invitation-only grand opening last night of Peter Chang's China Grill, which recently took over the former Wild Greens space in the North wing of the Barracks Road Shopping Center.

While Chang's Charlottesville partners, Gen and Mary Lee, greeted the crowd, Chang and his two assistants produced a five-course feast for about 100 guests sitting at communal tables. And he did not disappoint. Stand-out dishes included delicately dry-fried eggplant laced with numbing Szechwan peppercorns, steamed pork soup buns–- a kind of dumpling filled with hot soup–- coriander fish rolls, Szechwan bang bang shrimp, jumbo shrimp with mushroom in a hot pot, baked lamb chops, hot and numbing dry beef, and a sweet dessert called red bean rice balls, which collapsed at the slightest touch and melted in the mouth. 

When Chang made an appearance, he was greeted with a standing ovation and the flash of cameras, and commented (translated by Gen Lee) that he was happy to be back in Charlottesville, and that he looks forward to introducing more of his Szechwan-style cuisine to the community.

Bon App├ętit!

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We in here talkin' bout Chinese food. We talkin about Chinese food. Not hamburgers. Not hot dogs. We talkin' bout Chinese food. What are we talkin about? CHINESE FOOD! We ain't talkin about an all-american meal. We talkin' bout Chinese food. It's funny to me too.


we're at 14 minutes now and the clock is ticking

Cookiejar what are you talking about? They are closed right now until 5..

What happened at the private shindig? Was Clayton Stiver there? Where are the pictures? Is this a cover-up??????

fame my dear

So who was the big celebrity that showed up???? Ali?? The Rock???? Katie Couric??? Obama??? Who who???

There can be bad Chinese food, good Chinese food and exceptional Chinese food. Peter Chang's food is exceptional.

What you can get at Panda Express or your local Chinese restaurant is a bastardized version of real Chinese food. That's fine if that's all you like but don't be insulting to those who know and seek out better food.

I can't wait to eat the skrimp toast!