Dumpling v. dumpling: No buffer between buffets?

The recently opened Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet on Route 29 may have some curious company in the near future, as a place called Ultimate Buffet has laid claim to the former Charlottesville Power Equipment building next door. Sources says it's going to be, yes, a big Asian-style buffet restaurant.

How could this happen?

It may have to do with our two-jurisdiction local governments, as the Hibachi Grill happens to be in Charlottesville, while the old Power Equipment building stands in Albemarle County. Who's gonna say no to the prospect of sales and meals tax revenue for their fair municipality?

Meanwhile, across the street sits the former Asian Buffet Restaurant building owned now by the UVA Foundation (that has sat vacant for nearly six years), a seemingly perfect place (and a place Peter Chang wanted) for an Asian buffet restaurant.