Carmello's makes a move

Yes, Carmello's is closed. No, it is not permanent. Owner Bill Hedges says that after 19 years at the familiar Emmet Street location next to the EconoLodge, the venerable Italian restraurant is moving into the former Ludwig's Schnitzelhouse and Arirang Restaurant space at 2208 Fontaine Avenue. Hedges says they plan to open the new location in about three weeks, and he wants to remind everyone that the phone number, and everything else about the restaurant, will be the same.


Hmmm . . . I saw a sign that says "Pauls Pasta - Italian Cuisine" in front of the building this weekend, and a little bird told me that Paul's Pizza is coming back. Maybe Paul's will be in one of the other smaller buildings?? Anyway, there's a big sign that says Paul's Pasta out front right now.

Everything will remain the same . . . including the inedible food? Woof!

Never again!

that's good to know were they are moving, to keep avoiding it

I sure it all works out it is a wonderful place lots of great memories.. Best of Love and luck..

Wow, love their food! Glad to hear they are opening back up soon.

Still miss the Schnitzelhouse.

WOW!!! WE Love Carmello's!! So happy to know that they will reopen soon! Their food & service are AMAZING! If only other local restaurants had half their service & food abilities...

The sign definitely says Paul's Pasta now. Sup?

Paul B was going to open a restaurant at that location (thus the Paul's Pasta sign). However, Carmellos offered to rent the space instead. So it is definitely going to be Carmellos and not Pauls Pasta.

I could not be happier for Carmello's. We have gone there for many occasions and will continue to do that at their new place. When my kids come from other States to visit. they always want to go to Carmello's. Being from New York we never thought we'd be able to find an Itallian restaurant that could meet our high standards. Carmello's did!!!!