Now & Zen now open

Now & Zen, the little Asian/sushi place on 2nd Street in front of the McGuffey Art Center, opened quietly for lunch Monday, February 28, at 11:30am.

We stopped by to catch up with owner Toshi Sato, a former chef at Tokyo Rose back in the day, as well as a Japanese wedding planner at Keswick Hall, and it's a truly remarkable use of a very small space. There's a small counter and some seating with natural light in back.

That's fine with Sato, who says he didn't want to open a big restaurant. He was pretty busy cooking, getting ready to open in about an hour, so head down and check it out. Yes, there'll be sushi and miso soup and such, but Sato says it won't strictly be a sushi place.

"I'll be creating a lot of different things," he says.




We went for lunch today and while they are sorting out some first week wrinkles, the sushi (and tofu steak) is awesome and really affordable. Staff and chef were very friendly...can't wait to go back.

Perfect lunch there today. Tasty, fast and clean. What more can you ask for. I will be a regular customer for sure.

How wonderful to have this gem in our neighborhood!

Toshi Sato is a true asset to Charlottesville, I look forward to having all my NYC visitors and friends meting

my Charlottesville friends here!

Toshi is a sushi chef, that I can brag about!


Had to edit meeting!

Very mixed experience there for lunch. Gyoza grisly, falling apart, too oniony, but otherwise good flavor. Pre-made items tough and chewy. Delicious tofu steak. Worst part of whole meal = tap water, which tasted like a firecracker. Really terrible tasting.

mmmm food was so delish. i loved the sushi and curry. very friendly waitress