Repeat sexual attacker Haskins pleads guilty

Robert Terrell Haskins, who made sexual attacks against women before moving on to child rape, pleaded guilty to the latter charge yesterday, more than a decade after he was first callled a "threat to the community." Police felt so sure that Haskins was unable to control himself that they expressed outrage in 2003 when a little-known judge reduced an attempted rape charge for an attack on a woman in Greenleaf Park to a misdemeanor sexual battery conviction. The move freed Haskins, and authorities predicted that Haskins would attack again. Sadly, that prediction proved accurate. Lisa Provence wrote about the new charges against Haskins for attacking a then-eight-year-old boy, and the Daily Progress was in court for Friday's hearing on Haskins's guilty plea to two counts of forcible sodomy.

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Judges need to start being held accountable for their irresponsible decisions when it comes to protecting our children. the experts said he was a threat and the judge overruled them. He or she should be held accountable.

I agree with bryan they get payed big bucks and have a lot of power over us and with that responsibility should come accountability. I understand they can't be right all the time but he/she ignored recommendations and made the decision and in hind site it was a bad one.

How is any sexual battery a misdeanor? I hope the dude has a misserable life in prison .He should be castrated. My heart goes out to the 8 year old.

Sadly, local judges have a terrible record when it comes to protecting children and punishing those that prey or would prey on children. For example, slaps on the wrist for child porn cases is the norm in our local district courts.

Absolutely judges should be held accountable for letting would be perpetrators off the hook. Here's hoping that when the time comes, we're able to replace those that don't take these crimes seriously.

The law should be clear when it comes to Rapists and child molesters. When it's proven beyond a reasonable doubt of their guilt, There should be no plea bargains. There should be no trial There should be no mercy.I understand the Sixth ammendment and our rights, but come on..there should be no mercy when a heinous crime is commited on a baby/child. It's a Pandemic..and it sickens me that we are hearing so much now of babies being raped and so much abuse on those who do not have a fighting chance to defend themselves,
Enough is enough!

What is the little-known judge's name?
Is he/she still on the bench? Where/what court?
How can the public hold judges accountable if journalists help hide their identity?

Why doesn't the Hook find out who was the judge in the earlier case, we should know who is, what party he belongs to and who appointed him.

Haskins needs to go away for a long while. He has been a perv around here for some time.

If you want to know more about the judge, The Hook gave you all the information you need. Click on the "new charges" link in the story above. It links to another Hook story which contains all the details. The judge is now retired in Richmond.

He needs to hang.

Cut off his penis and graft it to his forehead. Let him live like that and turn him loose. The sad part is that he was not convicted the first time because the woman was able to fight him off or get away. So they let him loose. Then he found victims that were easier prey. Violence against women and children is the same thing, dammit. When are you all on the bench going to figure that out. It is all just violence on what they consider easy prey. It is all the same.

This animal deserves life or better yet death. Because he was not held accountable and pay for raping women, an innocent child has become his latest victim. Creatures like him will not change regardless of the ammount of time they spend in jail or the ammount of counseling they recieve. Casteration will not take away their urges as they will find other ways to harm future victims. It is bad enough for someone to hurt another human being, but when they attack a child under the age of 13 there is no place for them in our society. The laws really need to change. There have been so many stories about children being molested, raped, and involved in child porn. How many children are going to have to suffer before the law says enough is enough? One too many!!!!!!!!!!!!!!